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Summary: February 2012 Challenge
Rated: Teen
Categories: Original Stories, Scarecrow and Mrs. King Characters: None
Genres: Drama, Romance
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 8 Completed: Yes
Word count: 18376 Read: 3979
Published: 06/03/12 Updated: 06/03/12
Story Notes:
Theme: Valentine’s Day

Prompt Line: “That darn cat!”

Words: cookie, sugar, heart, satin, roses


You may use any of the above, just one, a combination of two or all three in a story.

The prompt line and all five words MUST be capitalized in your story so they stand out.

Please note the prompt line and words must be used as they appear above, no changing of tenses, etc.

Your story can be any length you wish from a drabble to infinity….

You can write for any fandom you desire or an original story.

The purpose of the challenge is to encourage writing and get those creative juices flowing.

As always any rating goes from G to smut.

1. Untitled - Orginial Fiction - Lynda by Wicky Authors [Reviews - 0] (426 words)

2. Rick's Revelation - Angie by Wicky Authors [Reviews - 0] (712 words)
In responding to the challenge, I decided to delve into the backstory of one of
my two main characters, Rick Thompson, for my novel License for Murder.
Originally, my novel was going to be a cozy mystery, but it's turning more into
a romantic mystery. Anyway, this isn't from the novel, but takes place about
seven months beforehand. I hope you enjoy it!


3. The Distraction - Carrie by Wicky Authors [Reviews - 0] (3268 words)

4. A Silly Scene - Sue by Wicky Authors [Reviews - 0] (471 words)

5. Original Story - Kathy by Wicky Authors [Reviews - 0] (687 words)

6. Drabble - Cheryl by Wicky Authors [Reviews - 0] (104 words)

7. An Unnatural Alliance- Part 1 - Charlie and Jan by Wicky Authors [Reviews - 0] (6802 words)

8. An Unnatural Alliance - Part II - Charlie and Jan by Wicky Authors [Reviews - 0] (5906 words)

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