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Story Notes:
Theme: Valentine’s Day

Prompt Line: “That darn cat!”

Words: cookie, sugar, heart, satin, roses


You may use any of the above, just one, a combination of two or all three in a story.

The prompt line and all five words MUST be capitalized in your story so they stand out.

Please note the prompt line and words must be used as they appear above, no changing of tenses, etc.

Your story can be any length you wish from a drabble to infinity….

You can write for any fandom you desire or an original story.

The purpose of the challenge is to encourage writing and get those creative juices flowing.

As always any rating goes from G to smut.

Straw. Barn. Consciousness returned to him. It had been raining, and they'd
been standing in the middle of the corn field. So they sheltered in the barn.
As the storm had raged, they'd passed the time making love in an empty animal
stall in the barn, on fresh, soft straw.

Their loving had started slowly. Soaked shirts removed out of necessity. Her
SATIN bra, too. She traced a HEART along his ribs, another on his back.
Kissing. Lots of kissing. One of his more favorite pastimes. Her perfume
smelled of ROSES, arousing him. She knew it, too, making sure to drive him as
crazy as possible with her touches and kisses. Gentleman he was, he returned
the favor. They both reached orgasm; fell asleep together.

She wasn't there, now. Probably in the house, once the weather cleared.
Morning sickness got the best of her these days.

He donned his boxers, jeans, socks and boots. All of her clothing was gone, so,
he headed toward the farmhouse. Never had he been happy as he had been the last
two years. With a baby due, he only saw happiness ahead.

The screen door clicked gently behind him. On the kitchen table, he noticed a
mostly full glass of water and one bite missing from a COOKIE on a paper plate.
She probably had not been in the house too long. He made a quick trip to the
laundry room to chuck his wet shirt in the direction of the dirty laundry pile
and tossed his hat atop the dryer.

"SUGAR?" he called aloud and walked down the hallway. Halfway to the bathroom,
the sound of a flush answered him. The door wasn't closed. He knocked and
pushed it open the rest of the way.

She was sitting back, now, pushing her curly blonde hair back behind her left
ear, a grimace on her face.

"Ya all right, babe?" He knelt, to meet her eye level.

"Yea," she nodded affirmatively.

"Been here long?"

"About fifteen minutes. Got sick when I got in the door, thought I was okay…got
sick again."

He held her to him. "I'm here for you. Hopefully, this won't go too much

"I know. It's still. . . yuck." She gave a little giggle at the description.

"Yuck or not, I love you." He held her tighter.

"I love you, too." She stood and gargled quickly with mouthwash.

Together, they walked back to the kitchen, sitting to talk, and see if the
nausea had gone.

Then, it started to rain again.

The End
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