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Francine clicked her nails on the conference room table, and looked
at Lee and Amanda, wondering if her eyes were deceiving her. It is
April 1st, what if it's just part of some elaborate April fools

There they sat, side by side at the morning meeting, just as they
always did, but this time there was something different. A certain
finger on Amanda's left hand had a sparkle to it that wasn't usually
there. She racked her brain trying to remember what cases Lee and
Amanda had been working on. Had they been posing as a married couple
and she just forgot to take off the ring? Was there really a ring
on her finger? Was it even a diamond or just some Cracker Jack box
ring her boys gave her? Maybe they went to that pizza place that
she's been seeing advertised that has all those games you can play
and earn tickets to buy cheap crappy toys and things. That must be
it, something her kids gave her, she probably promised them she'd
wear it and Amanda would be a `miss goody two shoes' enough she'd
keep her promise and wear the ring. But wait; have they always
looked at each other like that? Maybe they really are engaged, or
even married? Surely not. But then again . . . suddenly she
noticed that everyone was getting up, was the meeting over already?

Okay, now operation `I'll be damned if I don't figure out what the
heck is going on' can commence.

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