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Story Notes:
Instructions: You must use the above line of dialogue in your story. Don't forget your submission can be any length - from one line to a full-length story - and it can be SMK, B5 or anything else as long as it has a link to either SMK or B5.
Lee Steston didn't pay attention to the curious glances and the
raised eyebrows his passage through The Agency's corridors made
appear, he just wanted to know why Billy called him in Sunday
morning, this Sunday when Jamie had his first game in the senior

He knocked fast on his supervisor's door and entered without waiting.
Billy was at his desk and well the fashion queen was sitting on
the couch reading a file.

"What are you wearing?" said Francine with wide eyes!

Billy only smiled at a grinning Lee who took his time to answer.

"Well, you remember when we found that Benson was the mole inside
The Agency, and Amanda wanted me to wear a Bomber baseball cap I
know I told you after the case?"

"Yes, yes and...."

"Well I answered that I'm not or ever will be a Bomber's father, but
BOY how little I knew!

Seeing a puzzled expresion on her face, Lee added, smoothing
proudly his "Go Bombers!" uniform.

"I'm going to be a DADDY!"
"Now Billy what do you need me for?"
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