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Story Notes:

You must use the entire line your story.

Please CAPITALIZE the line in order to make it stand out.

The line must be EXACTLY as noted in the challenge.

Your submission can be of any length, from line to a full-length story - and it can be SMK, B5 or anything else.
Bathroom Etiquette

Amanda awoke and glanced at the bedside clock. Two a.m. Lee's even breathing beside her told her he was sound asleep.

Feeling the urgent call of Mother Nature, she pushed back the bedclothes and padded to the bathroom, shivering. They'd have to turn on the furnace soon; the nights were getting downright cold.

Still half asleep, she entered the bathroom. Not bothering to turn on the light, she lifted her nightgown and sat down.


She sprang to her feet. Lee had left the toilet seat up, and she'd sat down on frigid porcelain. Luckily, she'd grabbed the edge of the vanity to keep from falling deeper into the cold water. Men. Shaking her head, she put the seat down and took care of business. She'd have a talk with her husband in the morning. He needed a lesson in proper bathroom etiquette.

Later that morning, Amanda stood in front of her closet, wondering what to wear, when she heard Lee stir. She turned and smiled. "Good morning."

"Morning, sweetheart." He rose from the bed and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her to him and giving her a kiss.



Amanda clasped his hand and led him into the bathroom.

"Do you want us to take a shower together?"

"No." She leaned against the vanity countertop.

"Okay, I give up."

She pointed to the toilet. "You see this?"

"Um, yes."

"Well, now that you're officially a part of this family, Scarecrow, there is one hard and fast rule you need to learn."

"What rule is that?"

"Make sure the toilet seat is always down."

"Whose rule is this?"

"Every married woman on the planet."

He scrubbed his hand over his face. "What happened?"

"Last night I woke up and had to use the bathroom. I almost fell in. Not a pleasant thing to happen when you're half asleep. I'm surprised you didn't hear me screech when my rear hit the cold porcelain."

"I'll kiss it and make it all better. Lift up your nightgown and turn around."

"Not this time, buster."

Lee shrugged. "But men need to have it up. You never had a problem at the apartment."

Amanda smacked his arm, and then placed her hands on her hips. "This never happened at your apartment. This is non-negotiable. The seat goes down."

"I'm sorry. I promise it won't happen again. Cross my heart." He made an X over his heart.

"Good. Now do you want to know the next bathroom rule?"

"There's more than one?"

"Let me teach you how to properly put on a new roll of paper. It has to roll over the top, instead of under it."

The End
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