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The Night Out

Amanda was still fuming when she got home later that afternoon. "Of all the nerve!" she huffed as she set the grocery sack on the counter.

"Of all the nerve, what dear?" she heard her mother ask form the family room.

"Oh nothing really mother." Amanda didn't really want to try and explain why she was having a bad day and she really didn't want to go into detail with her mother on
whom had put her in such a foul disposition. All she wanted to do was take a hot bath and curl up with a good book and forget about Lee Stetson.

"Amanda something is bothering you I can see it. Is it Dean? Do you two have a fight? I mean sometimes your father would do something that would just set me off. I
remember one time..."

"No Mother is wasn't Dean. In fact it was no one of importance. I think I will just go upstairs and lie down for a bit. I am kind of tired." Amanda said as she tried
to escape any more conversation with her mother. She saw a note out of the corner of her eye. "Mother what is this?"

"Oh Suzy from University called, I don't think I ever met her but she said that you would remember her, anyway she said she was in town for the night and would love to catch up with you and a few of your other friends that lived in the area." Before Dotty could say anymore Amanda thanked her and headed upstairs.

"Strange that girl."

Upstairs Amanda phoned her friend and made plans to meet downtown in a short while. With that Amanda decided that she would go all out. Suzy was her crazy, uninhibited
friend and so the girls were probably in for a fun night and Amanda thought she could just cut loose and forget about Lee.

Amanda met up with Suzy and two other friends from University. They ordered drinks and were sharing what was going on in their lives.

"Amanda, you look great!" Suzy gushed. "If I didn't know any better you are trying to forget a guy. Am I right? I remember once when Joe did something to make you upset we
went out and you just cut loose, kind of like what you are doing tonight. Is it someone your dating?"

"No, no it is nothing like that." Amanda paused for a minute and thought about making something up but Suzy was right and she figured why not explain the situation with them. So she started, "...I mean of all the nerve, right. I didn't have to help him, but I did.. His boss offered me a job, I mean I did ask, but he didn't have to say what he did after all that I have helped him with. For him to say `You can be replaced, you know.' Yes I do know, thank you very much." Amanda just let it all come out and she felt better for it.

The girls all listened then offered their support and suggestions. "Maybe he was just having a bad day, and you can always ask to transfer and quit and get another job." Suzy suggested. She had a sneaking feeling that there was more to this man then Amanda was letting on. Amanda doesn't usually get all worked up over nobody. But Suzy let it go at that.

They continued to have fun and dance and Amanda was really having a good time when someone tapped her on her shoulder and asked her to dance. When she turned around it
was none other than Lee.

"I am sorry but I don't really feel like it." With that said she left the dance floor and returned to the booth.

"Amanda that man is drop dead HOT!" The girls were confused.

"That `Man' thinks I can be replaced." The girls got it.

Lee couldn't believe his eyes when he arrived at the club. Amanda was there with some friends and she was a knock out. He had seen her dressed up before for functions but not like this. It got his blood boiling. `Wow there cowboy. This is Amanda and after you treated her today she will probably throw water on you.' But Lee couldn't stop staring and with that he walked up and asked her for a dance.

"She turned ME down. I mean I guess I should have expected it after I treated her, but I thought she would dance with me." He mumbled at the bar. The Bartender
overheard and suggested to Lee to go an apologize. "Well I guess it could hurt, could it," Lee said.

So off he went to swallow his pride and say he was sorry to the one women in the place that he shouldn't be thinking about but can't stop himself from doing so.
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