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Story Notes:
Instructions: You must use the above line of dialogue in your story exactly as stated. Don't forget your submission can be any length - from one line to a full-length story - and it can be SMK, B5 or anything else as long as it has a link to either SMK or B5
Lee Stetson AKA Scarecrow was frustrated. He promised Billy he
would talk with her but when he arrived at Maplewood Drive all the
family was still awake, and he ended up playing ball and eatinf pizza
with the boys, and Dotty and Amanda.

He enjoyed that very much, but he wanted, well he came decided
to talk with her, to open his heart but he got caught up in the play
and the time gone by.

When he got home, he found an urgent message from Billy, he was
need at the Agency in the morning even though he had the day off. Billy
promised not to keep him long.

Next morning he drove the Vette around the town looking for Augie,
he had the info Billy needed. Lee was glad, that the meeting was in a
library, and not at that awful-mud wrestling bar he owned. A chuckle
escaped his mouth thinking at how angry Amanda was when her clothes
were stained with mud, but he became angrier second after second
when he remembered Augie giving her his card asking her to act at his
bar. Some day he would break that weasel's neck!

Lee checked his watch, once again, he had time to spare. His
thoughts wandered again to Amanda, his beautiful partner! How
beautiful she was last evening all flushed by the game, how soft
was her body in his arms when they wrestled for the ball, how
wonderful sparkled her eyes laughing at his antics when he tried
to steal the ball from Jamie and he almost lost his reserve, and
took her in his arms and kiss her when her smile thanked him for the
good time her sons had with him.

Lee's eyes fell on the library door, maybe there he would find some
books, some romance books, he really need help to tell Amanda he
loved her.

He remembered Amanda always secretly sighed when talking about her
mother reading those books and being happy that Cpt. Curt was always
as romantic as the characters in the books.

YES, he had the answer now! He would go in, try to find one or two
of those books and read them, maybe he would find some ideas.

The shelves were full of romance books and it was very difficult to
choose, so he grabbed one and go to pay, when a slimy sneaky voice
sound beside him.

"What are you planning to do with that? Don't tell me that your
secret hobby is reading - romance novels!"

"What I'm doing with that is none of your business!"

"Ok ok, hold your horses Lee. Now before I tell you what you
want to know, did the lovely Mrs. King change her opinion about my

"Augie!!!! I already told you NO! Now what do you have for me?"

With the information safe in his pocket, he raced into the Agency. He
needed time to read some lines from that book till it will be the time
to pick up Amanda for their date tonight.

It was a pity that no one could have seen the wonderful smile which
adorned Lee's face while he was thinking of his beautiful Amanda.
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