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Story Notes:
Disclaimers: Scarecrow and Mrs. King is copyrighted to Warner Brothers and Shoot the Moon Production Company. I have borrowed the characters without the permission of WB & Shoot the Moon.  This story is for entertainment purposes ONLY, and I do not wish to use this story to profit off of the borrowed characters.  This story, however, is copyrighted to the mentioned author.  

Author’s note:  Thanks again to Cheryl for letting me adopt her Leatherneck and Francine.  This was written for the Friday Challenge of April 4th, 2008.  The challenge was to use the quote “Tell me why we’re doing this again?” supplied by Tera  Many thanks to Amy for beta’ing this for me.

I looked down at the beautiful scrap of humanity that was lying in my arms, quietly sucking away at her bottle.  She was so serene, so calm.  Who’d have thought this was the same baby that almost screamed the neighborhood down only fifteen minutes ago, just because she was hungry. 

Sitting in the rocker holding her in my arms, I could feel the quietness of the night enclosing us as if in a cocoon.  It was just her and I, the two a.m. feed, and the silence.

The nursery wasn’t quite finished.  There were still some things that needed to be assembled, but it was still a lovely room.

My tiny companion decided she had eaten enough so I draped a cloth diaper over my shoulder and held her against me.  Gently I patted her tiny back until I heard her hiccupping burp.  What I didn’t know was, that little sound was going to herald an avalanche.

I could feel the wetness on my shoulder almost immediately.  I thought babies were supposed to know instinctively when they’d eaten enough.  Obviously this little angel had been asleep when they were giving that lecture in the womb.  She’d regurgitated what seemed like a half a bottle of milk on my shoulder and down my back.  Ugh!

Luckily the cloth diaper had caught the bulk of it.  Bringing my precious bundle back down to nestle in the crook of my arm, I pulled the cloth off my shoulder and chucked it on the floor.  Awkwardly I stood up and went to the dresser to grab another diaper, sitting down again a little too heavily.  Angel suddenly opened her eyes and then screwed them shut again.  Her little face started to turn red.

Tony chose that moment to come into the nursery to find out how we were doing.  Seeing the wet patch on my gown, he grimaced.  “Somebody eat too much?”

I laughed quietly.  “Yes, and now I think the other end is working.”

Tony joined me in my laughter as he leaned over the side of the rocker to stroke Angel’s little red cheek. 

“I guess if you dealt with one end then it’s my turn to clean the other.”

I handed the now very smelly baby over to him and settled back to watch him take her over to the changing table.  Opening up the press studs on her pajamas, he pulled on the tabs of the diaper.  He wrinkled his nose as he started to clean Angel and put on a clean diaper.

Fastening the legs on her onesie, he glanced over at me.  “Tell me why we’re doing this again?”

“Because, dearest husband, we promised to look after little Angel Marie so that Lee and Amanda could have a night off.”  I got up as fast as my very expanding stomach would let me.  Being seven months pregnant did not make standing up and sitting down the easiest of things to do.  “And it’ll give us a little practice for when this little one arrives.”  I rubbed my abdomen in a circle.

Tony walked back over to me with Angel securely tucked in his arm.  Putting an arm around my shoulders, he pulled me to him and kissed my temple.  “You know what?  I can’t wait!”


The End





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