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Tragedy strikes the Bridger household.

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Published: 06/03/14 Updated: 06/03/14
Story Notes:

Although this is primarily a Nathan and Kristin story, Lucas features a little more prominently than he does in most of my stories. In the cannon episodes and *most* of the fanfic out there he is portrayed as a normal if not perfect teenager, sometimes almost too perfect- never falling into the traps and pitfalls that our teenagers today do-namely drugs, alcohol and other such things.
I thought it might be interesting to show him in this light and how the consequences of his actions affected not only him but those around him. For the purposes of this story, the seaQuest 2 is in the process of being built but by his own decision Lucas is only involved as far as designing the computer system, nothing more. Nathan and Kristin married shortly after the destruction of the first seaQuest and Lucas lives with them. The drug mentioned is my own creation.

As always, thanks to Maggie for betaing

1. Chapter 1 by Arla [Reviews - 1] (9627 words)

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