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Did you get the number of that truck?



Amanda said that in Mission of Gold when she woke up, it came out sounding like an inside joke to me. And while it’s true that I could have written a piece of fluff for every episode, I just chose a few to add a line or so to. I’ve always wanted to write something about it, here it is….


During Season 1

‘If thoughts could kill’


Amanda walked into the room as Lee woke up. “Hey, how are you feeling this morning?”

“Like I’ve been hit by a mac truck.”

“Didn’t you sleep again?”

“No” Lee took a deep breath and let it out as a sigh.

“Here” She walked over to him and helped him sit up, she sat behind him and began massaging his shoulders, neck and back.

“You don’t have to do this, but it does feel pretty good.”

“That’s the point.”


‘Service above and beyond’


“How are you feeling now, Amanda.”

“To be honest, kind of like I’ve been hit by a truck.” They both chuckled.

“I bet. I’ve never been able to come away from any injection feeling anything less either.”

“You sure are good at hiding it.”


‘Sudden Death’

Billy and Amanda helped Lee sit down on the bench.

“Lee….are you ok?”

Lee let out a groan. “I guess my body can’t quite handle this stuff anymore.”

“Time for that refresher course I guess.” Billy chuckled and walked away. Lee threw an evil look at Billy’s back. But glancing at Amanda and knowing how she treated him when he didn’t feel well he grinned.

“I just feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.”

“I would think so. Those guys are pretty big.” Lee gave her a look and closed his eyes. That wasn’t the comment he was hoping for.


Season 2

‘A Class act’

Billy walked away and Lee turned to Amanda.

“Are you ok? You look ok, you’re shaking.” His hands were on her arms again.

“So are you. Feels like…” Then he joined in to finish her sentence with her. “we’ve been hit by a truck.”

“Guess this happens a lot in this job.” Amanda sighed as Lee hugged her again.

“You don’t have to keep doing this job if you don’t want to Amanda. It would probably be better if you didn’t. I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“Lee….” She pulled back to look at him. “I want to do this. I feel like I’m doing something that’s worth it.”

“yeah, but you could always just work in the office. That way you’re not ‘getting hit by a truck’ all the time.” Lee gave her a lopsided smile.

“I think I’m getting used to it.”

“You don’t ever get used to it, Amanda.” He let himself hug her again.




Vigilante mothers

“Are you ok Amanda?” Lee slowly stood as his eyes look her over. He held his hand out to help her up.

“I’m ok, I just think we should try a little harder to avoid that truck that keeps hitting us.”

With her hand securely in his they walked to the closest pay phone.



Season Three

Over the Limit

After a minute Lee put his arms back around Amanda. Holding her as tightly to him as he could. “You’re shaking a little yet.” “Would you mind if we went to your apartment for a bit?” “Sounds good to me. Can I ask you something first?” She nodded. “We’ve been close to bombs going off before. What made this one different?”

“What do you mean?”
“Usually you say it feels like being hit by a truck, but this time you said if felt like you ran into a brick wall.”

“oh…well…I don’t know. I guess I…I’m not sure.”

“Amanda….” He waited for her to look in his eyes. She saw a smile forming on his lips.
“I was just trying to get you to relax. I think that’s our thing you know. Most cases we’re on one of us ends up feeling like we’ve been hit by a truck.” After a moment Amanda smiled and silently chuckled as she laid her head on his shoulder. He tightened his arms around her and took a deep breath in to fill his senses with Amanda. ‘His Amanda.’ He thought to himself suddenly, trying to hold back the smile that was trying to burst. Along with his heart now that he thought about it. He cared about Amanda more than anyone else in the world and he almost lost her today. What was he doing with Leslie? He let a sigh out as he suddenly realized that Amanda was the only one he felt contented with. He didn’t feel the need to be with anyone else. He didn’t really want to be with anyone else. Ever. Now, what was he going to do about it?


Playing for Keeps

Lee saw Dotty and the boys leave so he went around back and peeked in the window. Amanda was on the couch, sleeping. He felt bad waking her but he wanted to see how she was. He picked the lock on the door and closed and locked it behind him. Getting on his knees in front of her his hand came up and moved a few stray pieces of hair from her face. “Amanda.” He whispered. “Amanda, it’s me, Lee. Wake up for a minute, ok.” She leaned her cheek into his palm and sighed, a smile on her lips. “Lee.” She whispered, but still appeared to be sleeping. Lee smiled, she knows me in her sleep? Or she’s dreaming about me. Either way, I know she feels the same way about me that I feel about her. There’s no doubt now. The smile on his face was so big it hurt. “Hey, Sleeping Beauty, time to wake up.” Lee suddenly remembered, the prince always kissed the princess awake. He leaned down and kissed her gently. Amanda stirred and her eyes popped open. “LEE!” “Hey there, I’ve been trying to wake you up. Then I remembered that most princesses get woke up by a kiss, so….” He let the words drop off and winked at her. She sat up and he sat next to her on the couch. His wrist went to her forehead and she felt slightly warm. “Doesn’t seem like you have too high a fever.” “No, I’m doing better. When it started I felt like I’d been flattened.” “By a truck or a mac truck?” He winked at her. She smiled, rolled her eyes, Lees left arm wrapped around her shoulders and pulled her against him. He kissed the top of her head. “So, would you like to fill me in on everything I’ve missed the last few days?” Lee asked. He suddenly felt like he was where he belonged. He was going to enjoy the moment. “Have the boys been quiet for you?” “Oh, yes, they even made me a tray of food. Junk food of course, but it was still sweet.” They talked for a while and before they knew it both of them had drifted off to sleep. Car doors closing woke Lee with a start, his sudden movement caused Amanda to wake. “The boys and your mother are home. Why don’t you call me later, ok?” She nodded, Lee kissed her forehead and left.


The Eyes have it

Billy left the hospital room. “Well, at least this time I know who’s responsible for me feeling like this.” “And what way is that, Stetson?” Amanda quirked an eyebrow at him. “Like I’ve been hit by a truck.” They grinned at each other and he kissed her hand.



Season 4


Stemwinder Part 2

Lee came out of the bathroom, the steam from his shower following him. “Well, how do you feel now?” “Better, but I still feel like I’ve been put through the ringer.” She gave him a lopsided grin, “are you sure that’s how you’d describe it?” Lee reached out and pulled her to him. “No, you’re right, I feel like we’ve both been hit by a truck.” He kissed her head and let out a breath, taking just a moment to relax.



Photo Finish

Lee cuffed Williamson and then went over to Amanda. “Are you ok?” She asked him. Her right hand running across his forehead and down to his jaw. “Yeah, I’m fine, honey.” “are you sure?” “I’m sure, feel like hitting a brick wall, but yeah, I’m fine.” She gave him a curious look and he shook his head then smiled. “Truck” they said together and laughed. Just then his car phone rang and they walked over to answer it.



‘Do you take this spy’


“Lee?” The panic in her voice evident, only to him, as she entered the room. Dr. Mcjohn was stitching him up.

“I’m ok, Manda, don’t worry. It’s just a nick.” Amanda was the only one aware of the term of endearment and love behind his use of the word Manda instead of Amanda. Not to mention the look they shared.

“How are you feeling?”

“Like I’ve been hit by a truck.” He chuckled. She smiled and a reply came off her tongue.

“Well, did you get the number?” He smiled and they both silently chuckled.



To scene in ‘Mission of Gold’

“Did you get the number of that tuck?”

“You bet I did.”



Dotty came back in the room and smiled at the sight before her. Lee was on a knee by the bed, one of his hands under the covers, holding Amanda’s hand. His other hand was lightly moving from her hair to her face and back. He looked over when he heard the door close. Dotty walked over and moved the chair up to him. “Here, sit down.” He sat, but didn’t release Amanda’s hand. The blanket was still covering her whole body like when Dotty left the room. Lee had just slid his hand up under the blankets to hold her hand in his. He couldn’t help the feelings that came over him at the contact. His eyes were filled with tears and he tried to blink them away before looking at Dotty again.

“Lee, Darling, you don’t have to be shy around me. I know how much you love Amanda. She loves you like I’ve never seen her love anyone before.” Dotty’s arms were crossed.

“really?” Lee asked, his voice barely audible.

Dotty nodded, then her face got that look, like the Mother she was she honed right in on Lee’s appearance. “Lee, what on earth happened to you?” her arms uncrossed and she took two steps, her fingers holding his face in her hand and turning his head to look better at him.

“nothing, Dotty, I’m fine.”

“You certainly are not! You look awful. You’re covered head to toe in some kind of oil or something. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’d been hit by a truck.” Lee couldn’t help the smile that formed. Or the silent chuckle that followed.



After series end: (This is just a short little ditty that ran through my mind…so here it is too!)


Lee’s lost and found

The phone at 4247 Maplewood drive rang out in the middle of the morning hustle and bustle. Dotty picked it up as she was standing by the stove. Amanda was next to her putting on her watch. Her mind was on Lee and how he had just snuck out less than an hour ago. Their mystery marriage needed to come to light pretty soon. Her thoughts were lost as she heard her Mothers next words. “Amanda Stetson….well….”

Amanda grabbed the phone from her, her heart suddenly in her throat. “This is Mrs. Stetson, who is this?” What Amanda heard next made her feel faint. “What?” She squeaked out. “Is he going to be ok? What happened.”

As soon as she hung up the phone she turned to her Mother, tears streaming down her face. “Lee, was hit by a truck this morning.”

“Oh, my, is he going to be ok?”

“He’s asking for me. He’s been asking for all of us.” She looked over to the boys who were standing at the kitchen table. Jamie’s face was pale as she’d ever seen it.

“Mom….we have to go. Please, don’t make us go to school. I have to see him, Mom, please.” The tears were flowing freely down his face now. Phillip was standing next to him and put an arm around his shoulder. “He’ll be ok, Jamie. Lee’s tough. Come on Mom, let’s go.” If Amanda had any doubts as to how Jamie felt about Lee they vanished completely. She could tell Jamie loved Lee.

The four rushed into the hospital and down the hall to the nurses station. “Lee Stetsons room please.” No more had she uttered the words than she heard her husbands voice. “Amanda, I’m in here.” He called from the room to the left of the desk. They all rushed into the room and Amanda gasped. “oh, Lee…Sweetheart, what happened.” She was sitting next to him on the bed in an instant. Her left hand holding his and her right fingertips inspecting the lump on his forehead. “This truck came out of no where.”

“oh my gosh.” The doctor entered the room and introduced himself. “Mrs. Stetson, I presume.” “Please, call me Amanda.” “Amanda, alright. Your husband seems to have a slight case of amnesia. Aside from that and all the cuts and bruises, he seems to have come out of this quite lucky.

“Amnesia….” Amanda said and looked at her sons and Mother. They all exchanged a look, now understanding why they thought Amanda was his wife. Amanda grimaced, if only they really knew.

“Yes, see, he says he thinks he was on his way to work early. He said the two of you work together, but you were still at home. He doesn’t remember any co workers, or what it is exactly that the two of you do. All he remembers is you and your sons and….” he was nodding at the boys and looked at Dotty, “And you must be Amanda’s Mother, Dotty?” He held his hand out. She shook it and slowly nodded.

“Yes, Dorothea West.”

“Ok, I’ll let you visit for a while. He doesn’t appear to have any internal injuries and if everything seems fine I’ll release him before the day is out. You rest Mr. Stetson. Everything will be fine. I think the rest of your memory will come back with a little time.” He smiled at Amanda and left the room.

“oh, Manda, I’m so glad you weren’t with me this morning. Wait, why weren’t you with me this morning? If I had to work early, why didn’t you?” Amanda turned to her Mother and boys.

“Mother, would you mind giving us a minute?”

“Of course” She stepped up to Lee. “Oh, Darling, we’re so relieved you’re ok.” She kissed his forehead. Lee looked at the boys then and smiled.

“Hey Champ, Chief, how bout a hug for your old Dad, huh. I sure could use one right about now.”

They smiled and both hugged him at the same time. “I love you both so much.” Lee said and kissed their heads. “We love you too”

“We’ll be in the waiting room down the hall if you need us.” Dotty said as she ushered the boys from the room.

Once in the hall Jamie spoke. “Grandma, why does Lee think he’s married to Mom and we’re his sons?”

“Well, amnesia is tricky, it can make you think all kinds of things. But you know what, I’m glad, maybe this is the push your mother needs to go ahead and marry Lee. You both like Lee, don’t you?”

“Grandma, we love Lee. He’s a great guy.”

“Good, but for now, I think we better play along. Anything Lee thinks is his life is probably best if we follow his lead.”

“That’s correct, Mrs. West.” The Doctors voice from behind her took her off guard. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“oh, that’s quite alright, Please, continue.”




Back in his room Lees hand found it’s way to Amandas face. “My Amanda….I didn’t think I’d ever see you again. I had that moment. The one where your whole life flashes before your eyes…or your future. I’m not even sure….”

“Shhh, why don’t you just tell me what you remember about our life.”

“Our life…God I love the sound of that. Well, Phillip and Jamie are our sons…we were talking about having a little girl just this morning.” He gave her that special smile. She blushed, remembering their morning. Lee had stayed the entire night. Her alarm went off an hour before her Mothers so he had time to sneak out. They spent it laying there talking about ending the mystery marriage and trying to have a little girl. “Lee…if you remember our conversation from this morning, then why don’t you remember our jobs and the fact that our marriage is a …was…a secret.”

“Why would we keep our marriage a secret? Manda, that’s weird. I love you with my heart and soul. We were made for each other. What on earth would ever possess me to hide that from anyone?”

Amanda put her hand on his chest, “Sweetheart, calm down, please. Listen….you are Lee Mathew Stetson. Your parents, Mathew and Jennifer died in a car accident when you were five. Your Uncle Colonel Robert Clayton, raised you. You work for IFF, it’s really just a front for the Agency. It’s a branch of the government that doesn’t exactly exist. You and I are…well, spies.”

“But I see us working in an office with a film cart…”

“Yes, that’s there for cover sort of. It’s not real film reels.”

Lee took a deep breath and sighed. “Are we really even married?” She smiled and let her fingers caress his cheek. “yes, Sweetheart, we are. Just about six months ago. But no one knows, because of our jobs.”

“Why? What difference would it make?”

“Well, for one, someone could come after all of us. The boys, Mother, to get information from one of us. For another, we’re partners at work, and Dr. Smith may try to split us up if he knew.”

“Oh, Amanda….I’m so confused.”

“Shhh, it’s ok, just rest. It will all come back to you with time.” She kept running her fingers across his face and he closed his eyes and smiled. “Hmmm, that feels good.”

Amanda sat there watching him. Remembering their talk about the next time either of them had amnesia:

* “Amanda, I think we should make some plans.”

“ok, what kind of plans?”

“For the next time either of us has amnesia.” They both chuckled slightly. “No, seriously, there’s national security involved here. So, no matter what any Dr ever says, you and I have to promise each other right now, that no matter what, we will tell each other the complete truth about our lives. Completely! That way we won’t be vulnerable. Agreed?”

“You got it, Scarecrow.” She shook his hand and then Lee leaned in and gave her a soft short kiss. Their relationship was brand new yet.

The day Lee had locked the door on the q bureau and kissed her. Really kissed her. Not just a quick kiss, but a deep soulful, claiming kiss.* Her thoughts drifted now to that day. * It made her knees weak and she had forgotten to breath. They had stood there kissing for such a long time. Lee had put his arms around her waist and she put hers around his neck. Then before long Lees feet were moving back wards, pulling her with him. He backed them up until they hit the couch, he pulled her down with him. Not breaking the kiss. She was shocked when they finally noticed the time. Hours had passed. She had laid there on top of him. They had been kissing, looking in each others eyes, their fingers caressing each other face, hair…just enjoying this new territory. When finally the phone kept ringing. And someone was pounding at the door. They kept quiet though and waited for the person to leave. Once they were sure it was clear they beat a hasty retreat out of there. Lee took her to an early dinner and dancing. Then back to his place where he promptly unplugged the phone and they picked up where they had left off in the office. * Then her thoughts went back to the promise as she looked at her husband and sighed. He opened his eyes and frowned.

“What’s wrong, honey.” He whispered.

“It’s just that. We promised each other, that no matter what, we’d tell each other the truth, always. And when one of us ever had amnesia, the other would not hold anything back, tell everything about our lives. But…I don’t want to break your heart right now.”

“What do you mean? We’re married, you said so yourself. I can see us getting married…twice. We are married Amanda Stetson, so…you can’t break my heart. You’ll all I’ll ever need.” he pulled her against him and kissed the top of her head. “God, I love you. You’ve always felt so perfect. Holding your hand, holding you like this….when we…there’s nothing you can say that would bother me too much. A little, maybe, but I think I can handle what ever it is. As long as you’re right here where you belong.” He squeezed her just a little and let out a contented sound.

“Lee, it’s just that…the boys….”

Just then they appeared in the doorway. “Mom, we don’t want to interrupt, but we need to talk to you for a minute. It’s really important.” She raised her head and looked into Lees eyes. He was there, his love for her was there, but there was still a small part of him not there too. She could see that missing part and it was making it hard to keep herself together. He pulled her to kiss him. It was a wonderful kiss like always, but that missing piece of his memory was transferred, there was a small something missing here too. But he was alive and in a short while his entire memory would be back and things would be fine again. Wouldn’t it? She patted his chest as she got up and walked to the boys. Glancing back at Lee when she got to the door they both winked at each other and giggled.

“What is it fellas?” She asked as she put her arms around their shoulders and let out a sigh. “The doctor said it’s best if we let Lee lead things the next few days. Play along. He thinks you’re married and that we’re his sons. So, if the Doctor lets him go today, Jamie and I think he should come home with us.” “Yes, and we know that means he’ll still think you’re married, so he’ll expect to sleep in your room with you….but we didn’t know if you feel comfortable with that.” Jamie picked up. “Mom, we know how things really work. You and Lee have been seeing each other for a while now.” “And have known each other longer than we’ve known him.” “Right, so….” “and besides, Mike’s mom has her boyfriend living with them. It’s ok, Mom. We understand. Lee should just move in with us anyway.” Amanda’s eyes got big and she paled. Dotty was standing by and stepped forward.
“Amanda, Dear, what is it?”

“Well, if Lee….if you are really ok with it….I suppose Lee could move in with us, but….none of his stuff is at our house. He’ll wonder…I suppose I could just go to Lees. Tell him that you’re staying at your Grandmothers for some reason….” Amanda sat in a chair and put her face in her hands. A hand came to rest on her shoulder and when she looked up to see who it was she was shocked. “Harry?” She stood and gave him a hug. “Hi there, Doll. How’s my boy doing?”

“Slight case of amnesia.” She pulled back and they exchanged a knowing look. His hands now holding hers.

“Ohhh, do you think he’d know me?”

“I think so. He just doesn’t seem to remember our jobs….so maybe not. I don’t know.”

“Only one way to find out.”

“Harry, how did you know…”

“Amanda, honey, I always know.” He kissed her forehead. Then turned to the other three. “You must be Amanda’s Mother, Dotty, right?”

“Yes.” She held her hand out and he kissed it. A sudden thought struck Amanda, ‘is this who taught Lee to be such a charmer?’

“And you must be Jamie.” He shook Jamie’s hand. “Lee has told me a great deal about you. Both of you. I’ve never heard him talk about anyone the way he talks about the four of you. He loves you all.”

Silence over took them for a minute.

“Well, Darling, I have an idea. Why don’t the boys and I go over to Lees place and get some of his things brought over to the house. That way when the doctor releases him some of his things are there.” They are interrupted by Lees voice and turn to see him standing in the hallway.

“Amanda, where is my wedding ring? Did they give it to you?” He starts walking toward them and suddenly starts to faint. They all rush to grab him before he hit the floor.

All of them calling out, “Lee….” A nurse and Doctor run over and help them.


A short time later

“What happened? I thought he was in the clear to come home!” Amanda’s angry voice could be heard all the way down the hall, and was the first thing Francine and Billy heard when they got off the elevator. Harry stood from his chair and met them.

“Mrs. Stetson, please calm down.”

“I will not calm down. Just an hour ago you told me he was fine and that you could release him.”

The conversation faded as a door was closed. Francine, mouth open, looked at Harry. “Why does the doctor think Amanda is Lees wife?”

“Because she is, Francine.” Harry sighed.


“Where is Lee now, what happened, Harry?” Billy asked normally, the fact that they were married, didn’t surprise him….mostly because he had kept tabs on them since the Nick Grant case. Lee had acted very differently than he ever had before. That tipped Billy off more than anything. First off, Lee hadn’t been on a vacation in two years, then when he decided to take one, Amanda was going too. Same flights and all. Billy chuckled at the thought that struck him, for agents they didn’t cover their tracks very well. It had been way too easy to connect the dots and have the one question he had answered by that secretary in Marion. His thoughts were interrupted when Harry spoke.

“Amanda said he was hit by a truck. He ended up with a slight case of amnesia. Other than that the doctor told her she could take him home this afternoon. Then, he came out into the hall, asked where his wedding ring was and hit the floor. They rushed him off somewhere and now, I’m guessing the doctor is getting an earful as we speak.” Harry nodded to the closed door.

They all sat down. Harry spoke again.

“So, the Doctor thinks it’s best if we let Lee lead the way with what he wants to believe. He thinks the added stress will set him back. So, Dotty and the boys went to Lee’s to get some of his things. Amanda just told her mother and boys the truth about them being married. You know when I presume?” Harry asked Billy. Billy nodded.

“She was shot on their honeymoon. I could hear it in his voice when he called to tell us. He was barely holding it together. I knew there was a reason he didn’t want us out there. He was trying to hide their marriage and couldn’t do that if everyone in town knew they were married. Scarecrow really fits him sometimes. That boy keeps forgetting that we protect our own. There’s no reason to hide this.”

“Except for the fact that Dr. Smith would have a field day with this information.” Francine finally spoke.

“you’re right….and I think Khai’s son being kidnapped didn’t help.” Billy stated.

“The boys didn’t know Lee very well either.” Amanda’s voice said softly. They all looked up at her. “There were a lot of reasons. Now that everyone knows…it seems like their were never any valid reasons to begin with.” She had her arms wrapped around her waist and let out a deep breath. “We let our silly fears get in the way and now….” She shook her head. Francine got up and put her arms around Amanda. “He’s going to be fine, Amanda. I’ve seen him pull though worse, we all have.” “Thanks Francine, I know. I just feel like this is my fault. If everyone knew about us in the first place he wouldn’t have been out so early in the morning. He had just left the house.” she started to cry and Francine helped her to sit down.

Billy stepped in front of her and knelt down, “Amanda, what did the Doctor say? Is he doing ok now?”

She took a couple of breaths and looked up. “They said he had some pressure build up and they just had to let it out.” Her eyes met Billy’s. “I just keep remembering that time we set Brody up and….it was the same thing….” She closed her eyes a moment and then looked back into Billy’s eyes. Her voice so soft. “I can’t loose him Billy. Not for real.” Suddenly she stood up and walked away. Billy nodded to Francine to follow her.

Francine watched as Amanda ignored the signs and continued through door after door until she was looking in at Lee being operated on. Francine stood there watching Amanda cry. She was about to step forward and put her hands on Amanda when she heard her whispering. “Please, God, don’t take him away from us. Keep fighting, don’t you dare leave me now Stetson, don’t you dare. Remember, you can’t come into my life and just….oh, Lee…please, come back to me.” Her hand on the glass. She was shaking with her tears now and Francine took the extra stride to reach her friend. Her left hand on Amanda’s left shoulder and her right arm going around her, pulling her into a sideways hug. “I‘m going to say the same thing to you that I said to him six months ago, He’s strong Amanda, he’ll be fine.” Amanda looked at Francine. “What?”

“When you were shot in California. He called the office and told me and Billy. He tried to say that your mother found him to let him know what happened. But…I know Amanda. Harry just told me. Billy confirmed it. He’s known all along about you and Lee being married.” Amanda looked shocked and opened her mouth to speak. “No, you don’t have to say anything. It’s ok. I think I understand. I’m sorry your honeymoon was ruined. I think after Lees all better you should try again.” Amanda smiled, “Actually, we already did.” “When?” Francine felt good about herself. She got Amanda’s attention diverted elsewhere for a minute. She noticed two chairs and with her hand still on Amanda’s arm steered them to it.

“Remember when that whole Trojan Horse mess came out and Smith gave you two weeks off?”

Francine nodded. “Well, for a week of that we went to Crump’s Cabin. Then the next week we just kind of sat around the house. The boys loved having him around for the week. Lee told me how much he wanted to be there all the time. I want him there, Francine. It can’t end like this…” They both looked through the windows on the doors.

“Amanda, this was an accident. It wasn’t agency related. Not at all. The driver wasn’t paying attention. He had looked down for a minute and didn’t notice the red light. He feels terrible about it.”

“you talked to him?”

“of course I did. You don’t think I would let some average cop handle questioning like this, did you?”

“oh, no, I’m just surprised….I never even gave it any thought. We hadn’t started any new cases yet and we started making regular checks on all our known captures to make sure things were safe. So, I just hadn’t thought it was anything but an accident.” Amanda shrugged. “I feel silly now. That should have been my first thought.” The doors opening called their attention back. The doctor came out and smiled.

“He’s going to be just fine, Mrs. Stetson. It wasn’t as bad as we thought. We’ll monitor him for a day or two and then he can come home.” She hugged him and glanced in at Lee. “When will he be awake to talk to?”

“Probably not til morning. Why don’t you go home and get some sleep.”

“I’ll stay with him until you get back, Amanda.”

“Are you sure, Francine?”

“Yes, I’m sure. It’s the least I can do. And then maybe I can help Dotty and Harry move the rest of Lees things into your house?”

“That would be nice, Francine, Thank you.”

“Amanda!” A voice called out. Amanda smiled and almost ran to the mans side, hugging him tightly. “Colonel, I’m so glad you’re here.”

“That’s Uncle Bob to you young lady.” He kissed her cheek. “How’s Skip?”

“He’s going to be ok.” The bed was rolled out of the operating room and they stopped for a moment by them. Amanda bent down and kissed his forehead. Fresh tears running down her face.

Then next morning Amanda entered the room to find Francine sleeping in the chair. Lee looked over at her when the door opened, smile on his face. “There you are.”
“I didn’t expect you to be awake yet.”

“What’s Francine doing here?”

“She insisted on sitting with you so I could go home for a bit.”

“And what was so important that it would pry you from my side? Usually when I’m in the hospital you stick to me like glue.” She sat the bag she had been carrying down as well as her purse, then sat on the bed, taking his hands in hers and leaning in to kiss him, effectively stopping his ramble.

“Hmmm, good morning.” Lee said when she pulled back. His left hand on her neck, pulling her back for another kiss. When she pulled back this time his hand played with her hair. “Care to tell me what happened to me, Mrs. Stetson?” His eyes darted to Francine and he whispered the ‘Stetson’ part.

“What do you remember?”

“Well, I remember leaving the house. I was just driving along and then….nothing till just now.”

“Nothing? You don’t remember being awake yesterday?”

“Manda, what happened?”

“Well, sweetheart, when you left the house yesterday you were hit by a truck.”

His eyebrow raised at her and he grinned. “Don’t suppose you got the number?” He chuckled.

She shook her head, holding back her laugh. “No, not me, but Francine found out, and it was an accident. It wasn’t related to…” She stopped not knowing if all his memories were back yet.

“It wasn’t agency related?” He whispered.

“No…you remember!” She hugged him and he happily hugged her back.

“Of course I remember. Why wouldn’t I?”

She pulled back and looked at him. “But… you don’t remember yesterday….oh no…”

“What is it, honey. What happened?”

“Well, Sweetheart, everyone knows about…”

“Hey there, Scarecrow. How are you feeling today?” Francine stood up and stretched.

“I’m ok, I think, Francine, thanks.”

“Great. I better get going. Billy’s going to need the help with you two being busy for a while. Since your Uncle is here I guess you won’t need my help moving?” She eyed Amanda. She smiled back at Francine. “Thanks, I’m sure we’ll manage.”

“Great, but…” She looked at Lee, “I’m sort of hurt that you didn’t think more of our friendship to tell me that you loved Amanda and you were getting married. Don’t hide anything like that from me again, Lee Stetson, or I might have to kick your butt.” She was shaking her manicured finger at him. “You can make it up to me though. You can let me break the news to the steno pool.” Lee had been listening to her in complete shock. Everyone knew they were married. Amanda hadn’t said anything. Just smiled. Wow, the truth was out. He needed to get a minute alone with his wife and have her put the pieces together for him. So, he did the only thing he could do.

“you got it Francine. Have fun. Let us know how it goes.”

She hugged them both and left.

When Amanda looked back at him his eyebrow was raised again.

“Yes, everyone knows. And it’s all your fault. So, no blaming me.” She poked him in the chest and smiled. He took hold of her finger and kissed it, winking at her when he did.

“What else did I miss?” He no more than got the words out when the door opened and the boys came in.

“Good morning, Dad!” they said excitedly as they rushed over and hugged him.

“We’re so glad you’re ok. We love you!” The boys heads were resting on his chest and he looked over them at Amanda with shock on his face. But she could see the happiness in his eyes too. His arms around them squeezed just a little and he kissed their heads. A feeling of de ja vue coming over him. “I love you too.” When they pulled back to look at him the tears in his eyes took them by surprise.

“We didn’t hurt you did we Dad?”

“no, no, I’m fine. I’m just…so glad to see you.”

“Um, fellas, Lee has his memory back.”

“That’s great!” They hugged him again, only quickly this time. “We have all your stuff moved in already! Uncle Bob and Harry helped us. All you have to do is stop and see the manager to….”

“What?” Lee was completely lost.

“oh, right, Lee doesn’t remember anything about yesterday. I told him everyone knows we’re married but I hadn’t gotten any farther yet.”

“Ok, well, like we just said, all your stuff is moved into the house. Grandma and Aunt Edna, and Aunt Lillian are getting everything arranged good…”

“Fellas, how did you even get here?”

“Uncle Bob brought us. He should be here any minute. He was parking the car.”

Lee closed his eyes and whispered, “uncle bob….never thought I’d ever hear that.”

The door opened and he came in. “Skip, how are you feeling today son?” He walked over and gave Lee a hug.

“Confused. A lot seems to happen when a guys memory takes a day off.” They all chuckled.

The door opened again to reveal Billy.

“You can say that again. Why don’t I fill Lee in on what he’s missed and you guys can bring in the car load of stuff the office sent.” They excitedly hurried from the room.


A few days later, Once at the house.

Phillip and Jamie sat on the couch with Lee. He couldn’t believe that after an accident he was living with his family. He also couldn’t believe how easily everyone accepted everything.

“Lee, we want to ask you something.” Phillip’s voice broke his thoughts.

“Sure, Chief, go ahead.”

“Well, we know you’ve got your memory back and everything, but…well, we’ve kind of liked the idea of calling you Dad.”

“yeah, we’ve been wanting to ask you if we could call you Dad for a while.”

“But we didn’t want to make mom feel uncomfortable.”

“Since you are married, though, and you are living here now.”

Both of them said the next thing together. “Can we still call you Dad?”

“Boys…” Lee put his arms around them. “There’s nothing I’d like more in the whole world.” He kissed the tops of their heads again and smiled over at his wife. Who knew being hit by a truck would ever feel so good!



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