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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.  The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.  No copyright infringement is intended.


*The usual disclaimers apply—written to cheer myself up and hopefully others in the process—thanks to Jan and everyone for the brainstorming help—hope you enjoy—and this one might have a sequel. * 


A Daddy Gift



4247 Maplewood Drive


Friday, June 30, 1989           


7:40 AM


“Come on, munchkin,” Lee urged.  “Just eat one more for Daddy before he  has to go to work—one more—” Jenna moved her little  arms and legs excitedly as he moved the spoon closer—she opened her mouth and took another spoonful of the baby food.  


“That’s my girl,” Lee dug the spoon into the jar—trying to get the last little bit .“And one last spoonful—” he made airplane sounds as the spoon neared her mouth—Jenna laughed. “Coming into the runway, Jenna—it’s going to land—open wide—” Jenna did—the spoon went into her mouth. Lee took a napkin and carefully wiped off her chin.


“All right—you win.”


His wife’s voice—Lee turned to see her, arms crossed, standing in the kitchen doorway.


“I’m sorry, Amanda—what was that?” Walking over to her he pulled her body close to his. “What did you just say?” 


“I said, you win.”  Amanda replied. “You got her to eat the whole jar of strained peas—I haven’t been able to do that so far.” 


“Well, it’s a daddy gift.”  Lee bent down, his lips brushing her own softly.  “So that means that you change the diapers tonight—” he moved to nuzzle her neck, hitting the sensitive spot just behind her ear.  “Is that right?”


“Yes, that’s what it means.”  Amanda was slightly flushed now—her breathing a bit faster than usual. 


“Oh, I see—” Lee murmured. “Any chance of throwing in tomorrow as well—hmm?” His lips met hers more urgently this time, mouths parting—Amanda broke off the kiss abruptly, putting her finger over his mouth.


“Don’t push your luck, buster,” she told him. “All the diapers tonight, and tonight only—that was the deal.” 


Lee ran his hands down her body. “I could always persuade you, Mrs. Stetson.” 


Amanda smiled. “No doubt—but you have to be at work in twenty minutes, don’t you?” 


“True—but there’s still time tonight, you know.”  He kissed her soft mouth once more before reluctantly breaking the embrace and turning to the other ‘woman’ in his life. . 


Jenna was on the kitchen table strapped into her chair—the large bib covering the front of her torso, doing what the family called her ‘bouncy-chair workout’—making the seat go up and down, squeaking with each bounce she took.  Lee unbuckled his daughter and lifted her into his arms. 


“Bye, Jenna—be a good girl today—have fun.”  He lifted her over his head—she laughed as she looked down on him—again he made airplane noises as he whirled her around the kitchen.


“Wheee—look at Jenna go!”  She squealed with delight, dark eyes shining. 


“Um—Lee,” Amanda said. “I’m not so sure you want to do that so soon after—”




Before Lee had a chance to register what was happening, liquid spilled from Jenna’s mouth—hitting him square in the  face—in his eyes—his nose—oh God—it was warm—green—it smelled like—


“Munchkin—”the word came out in a groan.  He wiped at his eyes ineffectually.  “It’s—Amanda—” Amanda plucked Jenna from his arms. 


“Here,” Amanda handed Lee a damp washcloth—he used it to wipe at his face and neck. “You have to be careful about picking up babies right after they’ve been fed.” 


Lee put the washcloth on the countertop—giving his clothes a once-over—from what he could see of his suit it didn’t seem to be damaged.  “ Yeah—I think I got that message.” He looked at his watch—if he didn’t hurry he’d be late. 


“See you this evening—” he kissed his wife— “—and you too, munchkin.”  He planted a kiss on top of her head and turned to leave.


“Oh—and Lee?” 




“You’re doing the diapers tonight.” 


The End




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