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Phillip and Jamie came barreling in through the door and headed straight to the
kitchen. "Boy am I hungry." Phillip said as he searched for an afternoon snack.
Me too, said Jamie. That was one of the toughest practices coach ever put us

The boys then noticed a yummy treat on the counter. "Yes! Strawberry
shortcake!" Phillip exclaimed happily. Jamie you get the plates and I will cut
us each a piece. Just as he was about to start cutting, he heard a stern voice
from behind.

"Stop! Don't touch that!" Dotty told her grandson. That is for my date tonight
with Captain Curt. Now there are fresh chocolate chip cookies in the cookie jar.
Go wash up and you can have a few cookies and some milk.

"Sorry Grandma" Jamie said as he and Phillip headed up the stairs.

"I swear those boys are going to eat us out of house and home" Dotty smiled to
herself as she put out some cookies and poured two glasses of milk.
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