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Story Notes:
Instructions: You must use the above line of dialogue in your story. Don't forget your submission can be any length - from one line to a full-length story - and it can be SMK, B5 or anything else as long as it has a link to either SMK or B5.
My head is killing me! Last night my little angel, my Jennifer, chose to keep her daddy awake for hours!

She wasn't sick, just wanted to have fun-Fun! a six month old! But that was all right with me. I like playing with her, what I don't like is the headache I have now.

I need coffee.

I made a pot and after I poured myself a cup, I opened the fridge for my half and half.

Hmmmmm! Strange! When did they change the shape of the containers? I took the bottle from the fridge and got ready to pour when my dear wife's voice pierced my ears.

"Stop!Don't touch that!"

Due to my training I didn't break the bottle, but I turned to her, with a big question mark on my face unable to speak for a second.

"Lee that is your daughter's breast milk, you know that today I won't be able to come home at noon to feed her."

"Sorry honey I forgot!" I said and leaned in to kiss her.
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