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Story Notes:
The characters that I didn’t make up don’t belong to me, and I wouldn’t think they did. I am just glad I can use them.
Part I

Mid-may, 2264

It was a warm Minbari morning. John Sheridan was playing with his eleven-month-old son David on the living room floor. David was trying to walk, but mostly managed to go from chair to couch. He would flop down on his butt when he got tired. John encouraged him anyway, until he heard the chrono chime eleven-thirty.

"Delenn?" he called, picking up David and going into the bedroom. He found his wife of two years still in her bathrobe, readjusting her hair around the bone crest for probably the fifth time.

"Yes John?" she asked innocently, still adjusting her hair, "Does he need something?"

"No, David’s fine. But we need to get going. There’s a reason we get vacation time. It’s to enjoy days like this one," John explained.

"John, I cannot wear the clothes you bought for me. It’s not in keeping with the Minbari style of dress," Delenn said.

"Sure you can. Jeans and a t-shirt are perfectly fine to wear when you are on vacation," John rebutted, turning to leave, "We’ll be waiting for you in the living room."

"But John…my arms will be so…exposed. And my legs will be constricted by these…pants legs," Delenn pressed him.

"Good thing I didn’t ask you to wear shorts then, isn’t it. Your legs would show. Not that I care—they’re mighty fine legs," John grinned and left the bedroom. David laughed and squealed too.

John couldn’t understand Delenn’s current argument against exploring her human side. He was determined to get her to relax for once, without using candles. Meditation was nice, but a little bit of old fashioned fun wasn’t such a bad idea, every once in a while.

If he played his cards right, eventually she’d exit the bedroom in an outfit that matched his. He was wearing a maroon t-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. He’d bought similar clothing for Delenn and saved this experience for today, after she’d lost the weight that she’d gained during her pregnancy.. She had been working out a lot and using meditations also. It was important to her to lose the weight, and John thought it was time to show her off.

"Hurry Delenn," John called teasingly.

"John I really think you should come in here and help me," Delenn called through the door.

"Oh no, if I come in there, we’ll never get out of this compound…now just do your best and I can make any necessary adjustments out here," John chuckled. He only heard a heavy sigh in return

Mitch Baldwin’s senses came alive as he heard someone coming down the hall. He could tell it was a Minbari, or a very thin woman. The footsteps were too light to be a human male. Then he instantly recognized Tannier, a rookie house guard.

"He’s not supposed to be here," Mitch said quietly to the Ranger who was on duty with him.

"He’s not?" Diana Grant asked him back.

"No, he’s a house guard. In fact, he was on duty this morning for several hours and then he was due for relief until tomorrow," Mitch said, proud of his ability to memorize guard schedules.

Diana shrugged.

"I’m here to see the Entil’zha and President Sheridan," Tannier said simply.

"Aren’t you off duty?. And they’re supposed to be on vacation," Mitch said, raising an eyebrow.

"Please, let them know I am here, sir." Tannier said softly. He hoped the senior Ranger would do as he was asked. Tannier felt it would be dishonorable not to carry out the request Delenn had made of him.

Mitch shrugged and pushed the paging button.

"Yes?" came John’s voice from a speaker.

"Sir, I have Ranger Tannier here. He says it’s at your request," Mitch announced curiously.

"Yes, send him in," John said, cutting the discussion off.

"Go on in." Mitch said, keying the door open. He wondered what was going on. He knew that the President and Ranger One were going out soon. He and Diana were due to accompany them, and Dean West and Tenvic would keep guard over the Presidential quarters.

"Thank you, sir." Tannier nodded to his comrade.

Tannier stepped inside to find the President holding David, and admiring the Entil’zha.

He turned his gaze to her as well. He was surprised to see the head of the Rangers in blue jeans and a dark blue t-shirt. She was shifting from foot to foot, looking uncomfortable in the sneakers and glaring at her husband.

"I think you look fine," John said, "Ah, Tannier, thank you for coming. Here he is."

Tannier nodded as he took the baby from the President.

"His schedule is over there, but he should be fine for the next few hours. He may want a nap," Delenn said, "The crib where he sleeps during the day is here."

Tannier looked where she pointed, behind the sofa, and nodded again. He had been surprised to see the Entil’zha in person, requesting that he… what was it? Baby sit for the child. The Minbari didn’t have such a fine tuned word for the chore. This was two nights ago after a long shift on duty. She had told him that she still remembered his bravery on Babylon Five and that since he was a Ranger, she knew David would be well guarded. Of course he had instantly agreed to her request.

"If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to call for us," John said.

"I’m sure he won’t be any trouble at all, sir." Tannier said, "Do have a good time."

"All right," John took Delenn’s hand and they exited their quarters. Delenn gave a final wave to David as the door closed.

Mitch raised his eyebrows in surprise and mumbled ‘whoa’ under his breath when he saw Delenn looking so casual and then saw Dean West and Tenvic approaching to replace him and Diana. He picked up tailing the Sheridans as Diana fell into step behind him.

"Really, are they that bad?" John asked about the clothes as they walked in the market district.

"I suppose I could get used to it," Delenn admitted, "The sun feels nice on my arms."

"And your legs don’t feel restricted, as you complained they would?" John probed further.

"No. I am surprised." Delenn said, feeling the denim cloth again.

"Good," John nodded.

"I would like to stop in there," Delenn pointed to and then approached a store filled with perfumes and lotions. John waited as she made her selections. What interested him was that the owner, who was Minbari, didn’t care what Delenn was wearing. He just wanted her business. And now he could tell people that the Entil’zha herself had stopped at his shop.

After she had arranged for her purchase to be delivered to their quarters in the headquarters compound, they ate lunch outside at a small café. John had had a large breakfast that morning and didn’t need to eat much. Delenn wasn’t one for big meals at any time of day.

They walked down the road to a side path that led to a large, artificial lake in a park near the market. John had his arm entwined with hers as they walked. Many others were walking in the park. On a rarely warm spring day like this one, most wanted to go out.

"The Rangers aren’t following too closely today." John remarked, "I’ve even lost track of how many trail us these days."

"Four." Delenn said knowledgably; "They are just far enough away for us to hold a conversation without whispering."

John turned his attention to spotting the four who were with them. Their Ranger uniforms were a dead giveaway, but some Rangers were also training in the park today, in uniform. John suspected the reason for this was the requisite itinerary he and Delenn turned in to her assistant, for when they wanted to be outside the compound. Sneaking out from watchful eyes was not easy.

"Well, I can see Baldwin and Grant about ten feet away, on our left and right. Who are the other two?"

"Myer…he’s behind us. And the Drazi over there…Kamen," Delenn pointed out the other two.

"Ah," John nodded. The Rangers were keeping their distance. When John first arrived on Minbar, the Rangers would walk shoulder to shoulder with the two, but now they’d loosened up a bit.

"John, I wanted to ask you something," Delenn began as both sat on a bench situated near the water.

"Sure, anything." John nodded. He changed his position so that he could look at his wife, caressing the back of her hand with his thumb "While I was pregnant with David, you told me some of what happened when you disappeared on Babylon Four. You said that you knew the baby would be a boy, although we didn’t know for sure until he was born. Aside from the fact that there was an equal chance of a boy or girl, you were still right. You didn’t tell me about naming him David until a few weeks later, but you said that was part of the knowledge you received from your time travel." Delenn stated.

"Yes, all of that is true." John acquiesced.

"Did you see what David would grow up to be? And do you know for sure that Lorien’s prediction…about you only having twenty years left…that it will come true?" Delenn asked.

John into her soft gray eyes, "Delenn, do you really want to discuss this? On a day like today?"

"I need to, John. I have been considering this often in my recent meditations." Delenn looked down at their entwined hands a moment, "If you know, I want to know also."

John sighed, looked down and then up at her again, "Okay. There isn’t much for me to tell you that I haven’t. You know I was thrown forward in time. I’ve told you about Londo. As far as David’s future, I don’t have a clue. I’m certain he’s on the right path for now.

"I don’t know how far in the future I went. I would think fifteen or twenty years. In any case, I don’t know for sure whether or not Lorien’s prediction will come true. As I said the first time we discussed this, we can’t live our lives based on what I saw. It was only a few moments."

"But you were right about David, after all. Maybe Lorien will be wrong about you." Delenn hoped.

"I don’t know, Delenn. I wish I did." John pulled Delenn to him and held her, "That’s why I wanted to come out here today, just us. We’ve both been busy with our jobs and focusing all our remaining time on David. One or the other of us is always with him—unless you’ve got clan members visiting, and then it’s ‘Pass The Baby’ time. When was the last time we asked each other, hey, how are things with you?"

Delenn was silent.

"Exactly. I can’t remember either. So Delenn, how have things been?" John asked.

Delenn smiled, "Everything is going well with the Rangers. David is thriving, and that pleases me. He looks so much like his father. How are you, John?"

"Well, I was missing my wife, but then she agreed to spend an afternoon of our vacation with just me, no interruptions. I’d say things are becoming increasingly better." John answered, kissing her. She opened her lips, kissing him passionately and caressed his ears with her hands.

The laughing of a Minbari child nearby brought the couple out of their passionate embrace. John looked over at the child, a girl by her mode of dress, and winked, smiling. She laughed again and ran away, toward where John saw her mother standing.

"How about we take this home, Entil’zha?" John asked. Delenn smiled at his use of her title and nodded agreement.

As they walked back home, John stopped for more kisses on Delenn’s neck, cheek and ears. The first time, she reminded him that the Rangers were watching.

"Are they? Maybe they’ll learn something." John kissed her again, and then pulled her toward home. The same two house guards who were on duty when they left were there when they got back. Both were human. They immediately stood at a stricter attention when the two walked by.

"Nice ass…" Saxbie muttered to himself when Delenn passed, the blue jeans just tight enough on her slim figure.

"Sure is." John winked at the Ranger as he followed her in. When he looked back and saw Saxbie flushing a little, he grinned.

John checked his chrono as they headed toward their apartments. They had been out for three hours. He couldn’t wait to see how Tannier had fared.

Part II

As the couple stepped into their apartment, they heard David squeal in laughter. Tannier was sitting on the couch with the baby. David had a tight hold of the Ranger’s nose. When Tannier saw John and Delenn come in, he decided that he should at least stand and offer them a greeting.

"Welcome back Entil’zha, Mister President," Tannier said. He gave a slight bow, David still in his arms.

"It seems the two of you have hit it off." John said.

"Hit it? He does seem to like me, if that’s what you mean, sir." Tannier agreed.

"Did he sleep?" Delenn asked.

"Not at first, Entil’zha. I warmed one of the bottles that your note said were in the cold unit, and then he fell asleep about a half hour later, after a very big belch." Tannier explained, "I hope that was okay with you. It always worked for my cousins."

"It’s fine." Delenn gave him a smile. David seemed none the worse for Tannier’s tactics. Delenn was a bit sad that her son didn’t seem to miss his parents while they were gone. He happily watched the conversation, perched on Tannier’s hip.

"He seems to have a lot of energy now." John mentioned.

"Yes, sir, he awoke a few minutes ago, and we’ve been playing." Tannier told them.

"Would you do us a favor, Tannier? He seems so comfortable with you…would you take him for a stroll? I think it might be nice for him to get some sun." John requested.

"I think I would like that very much, sir." Tannier said. He was elated. Not only did they seem to think he’d done a good job, they were extending his assignment.

"We’d really appreciate it, if you’d take him for say, another hour?" John asked.

"Of course, sir. I don’t see the men’dura. I will need it. " Tannier mentioned, looking around the living room.

"Ah, we don’t use it often, Tannier…I have it back here." Delenn said, disappearing down the hallway toward the nursery. She was back in a few moments with the wheeled carriage G’kar had gifted them with. He was still out with Lyta, but he’d had Ta’lon hold it for the new parents, and send it when the time was appropriate.

The men’dura was similar to baby carriages John had seen on Earth. The seat was about a foot off the ground and could be lowered as far back as a fifteen-degree incline if David decided to nap again. There was a bar in the front for some baby toys, and a strap with a pacifier. David wasn’t often in need of the pacifier, but he had his moments, and they were usually spontaneous ones. At the top was a visor that would shield the sun from the baby’s eyes.

Tannier settled the baby into the men’dura, strapping him in carefully. David immediately set to pulling at the toys in front of him. He gave the pacifier a good yank and then decided to put it in his mouth. As Tannier wheeled David out, Rangers Baldwin and Grant followed as extra guards. Rangers West and Tenvic would keep their watch at the outer entrance to the apartment.

John leaned against the door Tannier had just gone out and grinned devilishly at Delenn, "How’s that for timing?"

"What if he comes back early?" Delenn asked.

"Unless he turns right around, which he won’t, we’ll have plenty of time." John stated as he pulled Delenn into his embrace. He slid his hands into her waistband and unbuttoned her jeans while he kissed her soft lips.

She reciprocated in kind. After his pants were unzipped and unbuttoned, she slid her hands under his t-shirt, her nails raking along his abdomen and ribs. He let out a gasp of pleasure as she pulled his shirt off.

"Did I tell you how beautiful you are in jeans and a t-shirt?" John asked.

"No, you said I looked fine." Delenn said, playing along.

"Well, you’re beautiful. And just as beautiful out of them as in them," John said. He gruffly pulled her blue jeans down and smiled when he found no panties there.

"Do you like that?" Delenn asked, smiling.

"You’ve been planning this since this morning," John accused, "But yes, I do like it."

Delenn reached into John’s boxers with her left hand, "Nice, hard."

"Just thinking about your hot pussy gets me that way…and we did have to walk all the way home," John mentioned, kneading her breasts under the t-shirt.

"Have you been suffering with this the whole time?" Delenn inquired as she gently squeezed her way up and down his shaft.

"Only since Tannier agreed to take David for a walk," John replied, easing her blue jeans all the way off and resuming where he left off kissing her. He paused only to take off his pants, and boxers also. He sank down to a cross-legged position and tasted the wetness waiting for him. Idly, he rubbed his hands along the smooth skin of her ass, delighting in the sensations he was getting.

He probed her vagina with his tongue, eliciting a gasp from Delenn. He smiled to himself and continued his ministrations. Her ass was so soft and smooth and getting warmer to the touch every second. Her vagina was soaking his beard, lips and tongue. He could feel his penis getting harder.

"Should we go to the bedroom?" Delenn asked when he stopped.

"Nope," John said, grabbing two throw pillows from the couch, "Lay down."

Delenn obeyed his orders and John continued to taste her wet pussy. He could smell the lotion she used on her legs, the scent bringing back a memory from the morning. He had been shaving and peeked out of the bathroom to see her applying the lotion in a very sexy manner, rubbing each thigh and shin with both hands. John had intended to do something about his rising passion when he felt David pulling himself up with the use of one of John’s long legs. He’d smiled down at his son before returning to the task at hand.

"Mmm, John, I love the way this feels." Delenn moaned, reaching down to run her fingers through his hair, "Oh, don’t stop."

John had no intention of stopping. The sounds of pleasure from his wife, along with her encouragement only kept him turned on. He searched for the bud that was her clit, capturing it, and let it go again.

"Oh, John!" Delenn cried out, her legs quivering in reaction to what he’d done. She opened herself to him more fully, allowing him to reach every depth of her. As he feasted down below, he hit the perfect spot and she had her orgasm.

"Oh, John, that’s so perfect," Delenn cried. She kept saying his name over and over as he pleased her.

After a few seconds, both were still. John didn’t want to move. Lazily, he grabbed his shirt, drying the wetness on his face and beard. He leaned against the couch, eyeing his glowing wife. He was feeling rather proud of himself.

"John, I think you need a turn now," Delenn said, eyeing his hard on with desire.

"I’m not sure you’re wet enough," John teased. Delenn laughed. He hovered over the length of her body, his weight resting on his elbows, and kissed her lips gently. She didn’t want gently that afternoon. She pulled him down to her and kissed him roughly, forcing her tongue into his mouth. John growled a low growl and kissed her back just as forcefully, pressing all of his weight onto her.

"Put it in," Delenn ordered, breaking the kiss and daring him with her tone of voice and the look in her eyes.

"Yes, ma’am," John grinned, thrusting his hardness into her. He moved slowly into and out of her wet core

"Faster," she told him.

"No." John shook his head, slowing his motion to a practical stand still.

"In," she said, forcing him with her heels. John laughed. He forgot how strong Minbari were, even females. Once he stopped laughing, he started thrusting in earnest.

"You feel so good." John stated, "Soft, silky, wet…tight."

"I am glad…this…pleases you…my love." Delenn said between kisses.

"Oh, Delenn…you have…no idea," John moaned as he broke into a sweat. Delenn was meeting his every thrust, taking as much of him in as he gave. She was kissing him with dire abandon. He increased his speed.

"Yes, John, yes," Delenn whispered in his ear.

"Oh Delenn, this is it, oh, honey," John moaned, trying to move still faster inside her, "Delenn!"

He started to come, and she didn’t stop meeting his thrusts. John had been leaning on his forearms to support his weight. Now totally spent, he collapsed on top of Delenn for a few seconds, and then rolled over next to her.

"I love you, thank you for that," John said to Delenn as he pulled her close to him. John was in heaven on a mental and physical level. Making love to Delenn was always special for him, and he knew it would never change. His love for her only increased.

"I love you too. You are most welcome," Delenn smiled at him.

"I think I need a nap," John admitted.

"I would like to get a shower before Tannier returns with David," Delenn said, rising and collecting her clothes.

"I’ll join you," John offered, his eyes twinkling.

"Neither one of us will get clean that way. We have to clean the carpet as well," Delenn said.

John thought about that a second, eyeing the wet spot in the middle of the carpet, before agreeing, "I can take care of that. The less anyone knows about our private life the better. That’d be a Hell of a giveaway if we just left it."

"We can play more this evening I promise," Delenn said as a parting shot.

Tannier was gone for another half hour. When he arrived, the apartment seemed unchanged. Delenn greeted him and helped him release David from the men’dura.

"He was good for you, Tannier?" Delenn asked.

"Yes. I hope you don’t mind that I bought him a yern-ra. He liked it immensely," Tannier said of the cookie he’d bought for the baby.

"I am glad you did. We wanted him to have a good time. It gave us time to clean up and let me look at a report that had come in. Even on vacation, I can’t help wondering what is going on," Delenn said as David played with a pendant she was wearing.

"May I ask, where is the president?" Tannier inquired.

"He’s napping. That is a human thing to do during vacations," Delenn explained easily.

"I see," Tannier said.

"You have a lot of experience with children?" Delenn asked, changing the subject.

"Yes, Entil’zha, I have watched many of my younger cousins since I was about twelve cycles. I spent a lot of time living with my family during my training for the Worker Caste. I know the tricks with young ones," Tannier admitted.

"You have our deepest thanks, Tannier."

"Thank you. I should be going. I have duty in the morning," Tannier said. Delenn nodded and showed him out.

"John," Delenn’s voice beckoned, "Time for dinner."

John woke up slowly. He didn’t think he would sleep so long. He’d fallen asleep in nothing but a pair of black silk boxers. Groggily he sat up.

"There you are, sleepyhead," Delenn accused. She had learned the word shortly after David’s birth, when John used it as a nickname for their son.

"What should I wear to dinner?" John asked.

"What about… jeans and a t-shirt?" Delenn asked.

It was at that second that John realized what his wife was wearing. And if she has no panties on again… the thought alone excited him.

"Well, John?" Delenn asked.

"Jeans and a t-shirt it is," John said with gusto as he went to his closet for a fresh outfit as he considered leaving his boxers behind as a surprise for Delenn.

The End
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