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Too Late

It had all been smoke and mirrors. He couldn't believe he didn't see
through it from the beginning. Didn't he learn his lesson with Addie
Birol? That time he had gotten lucky. He'd made it in time. This

Present Arms.




The honor guard lowers the rifles to the ground after the twenty-one
gun salute.

Bag Pipes play an eerie rendition of `Taps' as he watches a
riderless horse progress through Arlington National Cemetery.

A weeping widow hugs the neatly folded flag to her chest. This time,
he had been too late.



Should I take a chance on love again? I've been hurt before. My life
is good now, but I sense it can be even better with him. He makes me
laugh. There have been times he has made me cry. Yet he always makes
a heartfelt apology, and says he doesn't know why he spoke those
hurtful words, just that he spoke without thinking. "I'm sorry,
forgive me," he begs. Who would have thought Lee Stetson would want
to be my man? I love him, but trust him with my heart? Somehow, I
believe I can.


Hidden Secrets

They were keeping secrets.
He felt he needed to know.
So after an inner moral debate,
Lee decided to employ the skills he'd learned as the Scarecrow.

Scarecrow searched the house from top to bottom
Being careful not to leave a trail.
The exhaustive search turned up nothing
His mission, it seemed had failed.

Dejected, he sat on the bottom step,
Hand upon his chin
His family had gotten good at hiding his birthday presents
It seems he'd just have to wait, in the end.


"And all my dreams were torn asunder, when I realized that the thing
I had hoped was going to happen wasn't," Joe King continued his
confession to the bartender. My big bomb had been dropped and it
turned out to be a dud. She didn't care that I was getting
remarried, even wished me luck. There was something different about
her. Maybe she has moved on with her life personally, not just
professionally. Could she have someone new in her life? Is it
possible she is having a clandestine affair? Nah not my Amanda, she
hasn't changed that much.



Lee Stetson's partner is a housewife. Billy Melrose teamed those
two together; When Scarecrow gets a case, Melrose commands Mrs. King
to go.

Whenever Stetson is around her, he seems to lose his reason, remind
me to tell you later, how to save her, he committed treason. It's
been four years since they started working together. I hate to admit
it, but they are the agency's best team. So after much deliberation,
I decided not to separate them as partners. Guess I'll give them the
good news this afternoon, when I witness them publicly exchange vows
and wedding rings.


Watching Waiting Anticipating (Lee)

I sit at my desk watching the door
Waiting for it to open
Anticipating her arrival

I sit watching her entrance
Waiting for her to notice me
Anticipating her smile as she says hello

I stand outside the door, watching the minutes tick by
Waiting for her to finish getting ready
Anticipating the moment we become Mr. And Mrs. Stetson

I stand watching the made finish up
Waiting for a chance to sneak a kiss
Anticipating when Amanda will finally be all alone


Watching, Waiting, Anticipating (Amanda)

I am watching him undress
Waiting to catch a glimpse of his chest
Anticipating him being completely naked

I'm watching the test
Waiting to see if there is a change
Anticipating finding out if I am pregnant or not

I'm watching my mother and sons come down the stairs
Waiting for them to be seated in the den
Anticipating telling them Lee and I are getting married


Watching, Waiting, Anticipating (Dotty)

I'm watching how nervous they are
Waiting to see if this big announcement is what I think it is
Anticipating Lee becoming a real part of our family

I'm watching for the corvette to pull into the driveway
Waiting to yell surprise
Anticipating the look on their faces when they realize I kept their
anniversary party a secret

I'm watching for Lee to come out
Waiting to find out if Amanda and the baby are okay
Anticipating holding my newborn grandchild

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