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Oh Amanda, I just had the worst nightmare, said a heavy breathing,
sweat soaked Lee Stetson, as he sat up in bed, looked from side to
side as if to make sure he was really safe and sound, at home in bed
with his wife.

She'd been awaked by his screams and thrashing, so she'd called his
name lightly and shaken his shoulders slightly to try to help pull
him out of his deeply disturbing dream. It was nolonger quite as
dangerous to wake Lee out of his sleep, by touching him. He'd
trained his body not to react with semi-deadly force, unless he was
awoken violently, after the incident where he'd scared Jaime by
pouncing on him and flipping him onto his back when Jaime had shaken
him awake one afternoon to tell him I was in labor. Most of the
time, his body now reacted by him just awaking peacefully, but when
he was overtired, his agent instincts kicked in and his reaction
when awaken suddenly was unpredictable.

Now that he was fully awake and had time to collect himself, his
wife asked him to tell her about his nightmare. She figured he'd get
back to sleep easier, if he talked about it. He wanted to brush it
off, but she mumbled something about bringing your demons into the
light... His mind had been still fogged over by sleep and the sheer
horror of his dream to follow her rambling persuavive discourse but
he knew he'd get back to sleep quicker if he just let her have her
way. Besides he though, as he gave a mental shudder, after that
dream, maybe I don't want to try to go back to sleep right away
anyhow. It just might be waiting for me to go back to sleep where it
will return with a vengence. With a slight quiver in his voice, that
alluded to how deeply Lee had been disturbed by his latest forray in
to the Land of Morpheus, the secret agent, codenamed Scarecrow begin
to relate the tale to the love of his life.

"It all started with spring cleaning. We had been assigned to
investigate a covert organization that had small cells located all
over the united states and in several foreign countries. On the
third day of our assignment, Billy called us into his office after
the morning briefing to tell us he wanted you to take over the job
of his administravie assistant temproarily until Francine
sufficiently recovered enough to return to work, from the injuries
she'd received the night before. Since it was just a couple of
spring cleaning questions and the group had never had any violent
activies associated with them, we felt confident in the fact that I
could manage alone with out you there to watch my back. Never before
in our lives have we been so wrong.

One of my family members had left a message with Mrs. Marston while
we were in the debriefing. He'd heard of the group, on several
occasions while staying at his girlfriends house. She been chatting
on the computer and the phone at the same time. He'd only taken a
mild interest in the conversation at first because he wondered how
she could keep up with both discussions. When his curisoity finally
got the best of him, he asked her how she did it or why didn't she
just wait till she was through on the phone, to go to chat or vice
versa. I mean it is not like they are going anywhere he said, you
gals do it every night for atleast two hours. He told me she asked
the girls to hold on for a second, looked at him and said I can't do
that. They had bad storms up in that part of the country, so Bubba
and TJ can't get online because they still don't have power. Their
power companys are working on it and promise to have it on soon, but
the Rita is telling a story and I am telling them what she is
posting. I am so glad someone invented cell phones and free nights
and weekends. Since the football game you were watching is almost
over, why don't you go take your shower. By the time you finish,
this story should be over, and I'll be quite inspired, with a few
things we can do to put your petting arms to use. I decided to
bring him back to the subject at hand at that point, because knowing
him like I do, the next thing out of his mouth would have been the
um... intimate details of that encounter and I needed to keep my
mind on work at the moment, since I could sneak you out of work
right then.

My buddies information was right on the mark and I was easily able
to find the location of the heart of the organization's
headquarters. The place was huge. At first, it appeared you were
entering a luxurious resort community. Surrounded by the "resort"
was the inner compound. I was surprised by the lack of security and
gates but since their location is so far away from the beaten path,
I guess they feel safe.

I drove of to the main entrance of the place, parked the vette, got
out and approached the door. My ears picked up the sound of a lot of
feminine voices coming from not to far away but I wanted to checkout
inside first.

When I knocked on the door, no one answered, so I tried the knob and
it was unlocked so I ventured inside. The Foyer was tastefully
decorated and the interior seemed to radiate a warm, homey feeling.
They must be having a party, I reasoned when I saw what looked like
a dining room set up for a buffet. A quick search of the area,
indicated that noone was around. So I wandered back into the hallway
again. As soon as I did I ran into this breathless young lady who
mentioned something about having been looking for me everywhere as
she practially drug me down the hallway toward the living quarters,
since she had promised to deliver me personally to Blue Leader
before the party since she'd written her a story for her birthday.
As I was being propelled forward, I wondered how they even knew
about the Agency's secret head, less lone his idenity.

She stopped infront of a Door that said Home of Tabitha's owner and
had a picture of a cute little Tabby cat on the door. "Who is it?"
asked the voice from the other side of the door in response to the
young ladies knock. "It me Alley" she replied, inadvertentingly
suppling her name for me. "Bring him on in" she yelled from the
other side. I offered for her to proceed me in, but she said nah, I
spy Ana and Karen coming down the hall and Ana has a huge plate of
her chocolate chip cookies besides she winked at me and said as she
opened the door and I walked in, "threesomes are not my thing".

That comment set warning bells blaring in my head. With my being a
secret agent for many years, I thought I was prepared for anything,
but nothing could or would have prepared me for my walk through what
will forever more be known in my mind as the gutter.

I wish I'd never opened that door, for that is when my nightmare
started. There was this woman dressed in all black. She had the
largest assortment of whips I have ever seen, even more than that
sex shop we busted on Elm and Sycamore last week. She chased me
around the room while slashing one of the whips through the air
saying "you've been a very bad boy, now come to mama and let me
spank that adorable little dimpled butt of yours". I managed to
distract her momentarily by throwing her latest copy of Better Tools
and Techniques of Intimate Torture near her blazing fireplace. While
she was making sure it didn't singe, I made a hasty retreat to the
hallway. Since I knew that wouldn't keep her occupied long, I
decided it would be prudient to hide. The sound of voices coming
from the area of the exit, decided me on going the opposite way.

Most of the doors were locked, but about six doors down, I finally
found one that wasn't. Quickly and quietly, I slipped in.

A quick look glance around the perimeter, gave me the false illusion
that the room was unoccupied. Unfortunately for me, among the
children's toys and play ground equipment, was a real life Beaux
Peep. I figured she was harmless since on my quick persual of the
room, I'd spotted a church bulletin. In my mind, I rationalized the
costume was probably for a play. So I stared to apologise and
explain, when I noticed this woman pull a pair of fur lined
handcuffs from behind her back. Okay time for me to exit, so I back
towards the door. That's when I noticed that the switch she flipped
on the wall, produced a bondage bed. As she chased me around her
boudouir, as she referred to it, she started chanting, "Tie you up,
I'll tie you down, come share a night with Beaux Peep and pleasure
will abound."

"How did you get away from her Lee?" Amanda asked while trying to
contain her laughter. The matter was hilarious to her, but she
didn't want to make fun of her husband who was still looking a
little shell shocked.

"Let's just say my Double Diamond lock pick was a real life saver.
Well for me it was. I don't think her blow up doll will ever be the
same. While her attention was focused elsewhere, I made my escape.
She was near the end of the hall so I turned left into the next
corrider as that was my only option besides going back. At the end
of a short hall was a single solitary door. I went through the door
and thought I'd found the exit because at first it appeared I was
outside. Now I found it strange that outside was a tropical rain
forrest but after everything else I'd been through in this place, I
decided to press on. Considering what was waiting on me on the other
side of that door, I figured being lost in the jungle couldn't be
that bad.

After I looked up into what I thought was the sky to try to guage my
direction, I moved deeper into the interior. I had no ideal of where
I was going or which direction I should take but I knew as long as I
chose a direction and stayed my path, I wouldn't be walking in
circles and eventually I should reach civilization. Something didn't
seem quite right with the night sky. The constellations weren't
quite where they should be for this time of year in the Northern
Hemisphere. That was my first clue I hadn't found my way out of the
House of Horrors as I'd first supposed.

I'd gone about ten paces into the room when suddenly "Jungle Love"
started blaring through hidden speakers in the room. That was my
second clue.

My final clue was standing about five feet in front of me in a red
Catwoman suit with a decidely preditory grin on her face. He
expression gave me the distinct impression that I was in immediate
dangered of being sexually devoured.

She started slowly moving towards me makeing purring and meowing
noises. Every now and then, she'd intersperse a growl into the mix.
I'd heard the door automatically lock behind me when I first entered
the room, so I knew there was no escape that way. I bolted to the
right, hoping desperately there was another way out of the room and
that I'd find it before I became Ms. Red Cat's play toy. From the
look in her eyes, I knew exactly what dangling part of my anatomy
she wanted to bat at with her paws and I wasn't about to let her get
her claws anywhere near it.

I might not have escaped intact if it hadn't been for a couple of
her real feline companions. Her room has a window to the outside for
the cats to look out. While the door next to the window was looked
as I'd figured it would be, the window lock I was able to easily
open for my eacape. Since I needed a diversion, I grabbed a bag of
easy open cat treats off the shelf, tore it open and tossed it in
her direction. The cats bounded after them and after quickly
gobbling them up, kept vying for her attention by bobbing and
weaving around and through her legs while meowing loudly to be
picked up. While this was going on, I managed to get the window open
and leap out, that's when I woke up.

"Oh sweetheart, that was some dream" said Amanda sympathetically as
she rubbed his chest lightly.

"The really scary part is that now that I think of it, that doll
bore a striking resemblance to me."

"It was just a dream Lee, you don't have to worry about it anymore
tonight. I am gonna lie her and hold you in my arms as we fall
asleep. No woman would dare bother you while I am around, not if she
knows what is good for her" Amanda said as they settled down
together to go back to sleep.

Just as he was about to drift off, Lee whispered, "After a dream
like that, may you are right, a visit to Phaff might be in order".

The End
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