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The One

She says that I am the one. I'm not sure. I am no great leader,
just a simple man. But, I can't convince Delenn of that; she
believes it is my destiny. She has such faith in me. I am afraid; I
am going to let her down. When Delenn tells me I am the one, I
believe I can move mountains. The way she says, "John" makes me want
to be the hero she has been waiting for. And when she smiles at me,
with all the love in her heart, I'd do anything, even fight shadows.



My life just changed, in the blink of an eye. Delenn's been
stabbed, "Please God, don't let her die."

Never have I felt such rage. My footsteps pound the floor. I run the
suspect down, catch him, pummel him repeatedly. Someone pulls me
off him, he slumps to the ground.

The nurse won't let me see Delenn. She says, "I need to let the
doctors work, for now all I can do is sit and wait." Doesn't she
know how hard that is to do, for a person who has already lost one
love to the cruel hands of fate?



Human. That once was a dirty word. I spat it from my lips like a
curse. But living on Babylon 5, among Humans, gave me a new

At first they were just a tool, a pawn in the Master plan. But
things changed, when we faced life and death together, side by side,
day after day. Valen protect my friends, I now pray.

I've fallen in love with John Sheridan, a human, and not just
because he is the one. John says we will spend our lives together,
and in the future we will have a son.


Love Hurts

It hurts too much to love, so I vowed never to love again. From then
on I concentrated solely on my career, I didn't have time to focus
on men.

Along came Marcus Cole into my life. All he asked was to be my
friend. But since I was afraid to trust my heart, I refused to let
him in.

Marcus gave his life for me. He whispered, "I love you" at the end.
Now my heart aches, because I never told him how I felt, I guess
when it comes to love, I just can't win.



His Presents were in the room, so why did he have to wait.
Who came up with the rule, no presents till after cake?

That he was excited was easy to tell.
His frustration made him want to yell.
It was easier being between tick and tock
Than to wait to see what was in each box.

Finally the presents were in his reach.
He had just about snagged one, when he heard "Speech".

John thanked everyone "for coming to celebrate this special occasion
with me"
Then turned to Delenn and asked, "Now can I open my presents,

How To Get A Job Garibaldi Style

For those who wondered why John Sheridan would trust Michael
Garibaldi enough again to give him such a high position in the new
Alliance, this conversation overheard by an unnamed source explains
it all.

Garibaldi: "I could always tell Delenn about the time you went to
that Martian Pleasure dome. "

Sheridan: "You wouldn't!"

Garibaldi grinned, "You know I would"

John scowled which made Michael's grin grow even wider.

John Sheridan knew when he'd been beat, so three days later he stood
before the advisory committee and announced Michael Garibaldi as the
New Head of Covert Intelligence for the Interstellar Alliance.

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