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Summary: A holiday get together on Babylon 5.
Rated: Teen
Categories: Babylon 5 Characters: Delenn, John Sheridan
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Published: 12/07/08 Updated: 12/07/08
Story Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own the show B5 or any of the Characters, if I did it would still be on the air. This story is just my need to visit with the characters every once in a while.

Setting, rating and Notes: Pg-13 in my opinion but if you are more conserative, like my alterego, consider it R rated. This is set between season 4 and 5. It does not stick to cannon as the character of Lochley is not one of my favorites and I think season 5 would have been better with Ivanova. Also I have included Marcus Cole in this
story, Susan wasn't hurt in the Shadow war so Marcus didn't need to give his life for hers. There is another matter that I have sped up the time line on but I will let you discover that line for yourself. If you can't pick it out, then it really wasn't that big a deal in
the first place, so just forget I mentioned it.

1. Chapter 1 by Alleycat [Reviews - 1] (3203 words)

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