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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with these characters or the show. I don't even own the plot since there isn't one. This tale i'm spinning is mine so please let me know if you decide to reproduce it somewhere else. I will probably be flattered. Just don't change my
words. It took time to produce this the way it came out so please leave it as you find it unless I give you permission to alter it.

Setting: Post fourth Season. They are still secretly married.
The white stretch Limousine pulled up in front of the white two
story Cape Cod house at 4247 Maplewood drive at precisely 6:45
p.m. Saturday, February 13, 1988. James the Limo driver exited
the vehicle and walked around the front of the car to the rear
passenger door of the limo, He opened the door so the gentleman
inside could exit. Out of the Limo stepped a tall, extremely
handsome man in a black tuxedo. Making his way up the walk to
the front door, he paused, to shift the large red heart-shaped
box of chocolates he was carrying into his right hand so his left
hand would be free to ring the door bell.

Amanda heard the door bell and checked her appearance one more
time before rushing down the stairs to answer the door. She knew
it would have been more appropriate to descend the stairs slower, in
a manner befitting the way she was dressed but she just couldn't
wait to see her date for tonight. Amanda chided herself for being
silly as she stepped off the last step, after all she thought, it's
only been a couple of hours since I kissed him goodbye, before I
left the office this afternoon to come home and get ready for our
evening out together. Taking a calming breath, she reached for the
doorknob. Amanda opened the door and came face to face with the man
who never failed to take her breath away when he wore a tux. Not just
when he wore a tux, she mentally corrected herself, it didn't matter
what he wore, he took her breath away, even when he wore nothing but
a smile, especially when he wore nothing but a smile. When it came to
Lee Stetson, it was definitely the man that makes the clothes and not
the clothes that make the man.

Lee Stetson was in awe of the vision of beauty that greeted him
at the door. 'His Amanda' was always beautiful but she was even
more radiant tonight dressed in all blue. Blue is definitely her
color Lee thought, as he admired Amanda's attire. Amanda was
wearing a strapless, Velvet, Royal Blue evening gown, that accented
her cleavage perfectly thought Lee.

Letting his eyes roam down his wife's body, Lee couldn't help
but appreciate how the gown showed off Amanda's figure. Spiked
heels adorned her feet. Slowly dragging his eyes back up his
wife's body, Lee noticed Amanda had replaced the Heart Pendent
she usually wore, with the Fresh Water Pearl Necklace he bought
her for their six month Anniversary, exactly six months ago
today. He still said a prayer of thanks everyday that he would
never lose this wonderful woman or her love. Lee would forever be
thankful to the fates for bringing them together that morning at
the train station over five years ago.

Amanda was the first to come to the realization that they were
just standing there staring at each other. "Hi Lee, come on in,"
she said. Backing up slightly, Amanda moved aside so Lee could

"Good Evening, Mrs. Stetson" said Lee as he crossed the
threshold. He turned to kiss his wife who was busy closing the
door and let out a low whistle, as he caught site of the back of
Amanda's dress. Lee had thought the front of the dress was cut
unusually low for his Amanda but it was nothing, compared to the
back, which was non existent. There was no material across the
entire back of the dress until just above her rear end. He
couldn't believe it and just stood there with his mouth hanging

Turning around after she closed the front door, Amanda couldn't
help but giggle at the image of her usually swab, debonair
husband standing there with his mouth agape. Seeing the reaction
her dress elicited from her the man she loved, Amanda was glad
she had splurged on the outfit.

"I guess that means you like what you see Scarecrow?" asked Amanda as
she walked up to Lee, placed a finger under his chin and closed his
mouth, before reaching up to place a brief kiss on his lips.

"Like it? Ohhh yeah and I am sorely tempted to show you just how
much I like it" he responded.

"Well the feeling is mutual, Big Fella. Because seeing you
looking so handsome in that tuxedo of yours makes me think about
how even more handsome you would be out of that tux" she told him.

"Well if I didn't already have a very special evening planned for
us tonight Mrs. Stetson, I would have you up stairs right now
showing you exactly how much the site of you in that dress turns
me on."

The passion in Lee's voice and intense desire in his Hazel eyes
caused Amanda to Blush. They had been married a year but when Lee
looked at her that way, color still rose to her cheeks like an
innocent school girl.

By the Way, is that for me?" she inquired looking down.

Realizing she was looking at the box of chocolates, and not his
arousal, Lee bit back the come on he was thinking of and said,
"Um yes. Happy Valentine's Day. I know it is a day early but
since we are doing this combination Anniversary/Valentine's day
weekend, I thought that I would give you this now."

"Lee" Amanda practically squealed, "these are Le Dueaux
chocolates. Mother and I were watching this special on candy
making on tv the other night and they said that these were
individually designed and hand dipped. They cost Seventy-five
dollars a box!"

"Only the best for my wife" replied Lee. "Each chocolate is
unique and special, just like every day with you."

"That is so sweet of you to say sweetheart" said Amanda as she
placed the candy on the foyer table next to the flower's he had
sent her earlier.

She turned back into Lee's arms and bestowed a very appreciative
kiss on his eager mouth. As she started to move away from him,
Lee pulled her back into his embrace and asked her "Just where do
you think you are going, my dear? I think your husband deserves a
lot more of a reward than that."

"Well you were the one who mentioned our reservations earlier,
Mr. Stetson. I just didn't want to ruin your plans."

"I think we have time for a few more kisses. You wouldn't want me
to be starved for affection would you? I mean how am I going to
be able to concentrate on the meal, when all I can think about is
how much I want to kiss your soft sweet lips?"

"We can't have you starving for affection, now can we?" purred
Amanda, bringing her arms up around his neck as she ran her
tongue along his lower lip before slipping it into his mouth when
he opened to her.

A knock at the door, caused our Lover's to jump and break apart.
Lee's gruff "who the hell is it?" through the closed door,
startled the Limo driver who explained he had only knocked
because no one answered when he rang the bell, to remind him
that if they didn't leave soon they would be late for their
reservations, per Lee's instructions.

"Thank you we'll be right out" replied a chagrined Lee.

While Lee was talking to the Limo driver, Amanda had moved to
stand in front of the Mirror above the foyer table . Checking her
makeup and overall appearance one final time to see if she needed
to 'touch up anything'.

"Lee" she said, "can you reach in the closet, pointing to the
closet by the entrance to the living room as she spoke and hand
me my matching wrap?"

Retrieving the wrap, Lee placed a kiss on each shoulder blade
before he helped Amanda on with her wrap.

"Thank you sweetheart" said Amanda. Next she turned around and
took Lee's proffered arm as he guided her towards the front door.

While Lee was locking the door Amanda got her first good look at
their transportation, because she had been too busy looking at
Scarecrow to notice before. She noticed now and in typical Amanda
fashion, the first words out of her mouth were, "Oh my gosh."

This time it was Amanda's turn for her mouth to hang open. She
had never seen a Limousine that long. "You've really outdone
yourself this time Scarecrow!" she told him as he led her away
from her front door towards the Limo door the driver was holding
open for them.

Upon entering the vehicle and being seated, Amanda couldn't help
but admire the plush interior and various amenities the vehicle
offered. Lee just sat back and watched his wife with a contented
look on his face. He knew she would be impressed with the
luxurious limo that's why he rented it. His wife was always doing
for others, seldom taking the time to do anything for herself.
Well if she wouldn't pamper herself, he was going to pamper her.
She deserved it and wasn't that one of the joys of being a
husband anyway, to be able to spoil your wife, every now and

"Hey beautiful, would you like some champagne," Lee
asked Amanda.

Reaching over to take his hand and running her thumb
across the back of it, Amanda replied, "I'd love some,
sweetheart, thank you."

Lee leaned over to pour a glass of champagne for Amanda and
himself. After he handed her glass to his wife, Lee proposed a
toast. "To the woman who made all my dreams come true and gave me a
reason to embrace my future. My love, my heart, are your always."

"Oh Lee" was all a choked up Amanda Stetson could utter before her
husband Lips brushed across hers.

"You haven't seen anything yet, Mrs. Stetson. I have a very romantic
evening planned. Commencing with dinner and climaxing with the world
famous Stetson bedside manor," whispered Lee with a suggestive waggle
of his eyebrows.

"World famous, huh Scarecrow?" questioned Amanda.

"Why Amanda Stetson, are you doubting you husband's abilities in the
romance department?

"Oh I never said you weren't um... adequate in the bedroom..."
Amanda said teasingly.

"Adequate" Lee broke in, feigning like the words had cut him to
the quick. I'll show you adequate." The Champagne glasses were
placed out of the way on the table and Amanda giggled with glee
at the look of determined passion on her husband's face as he
captured her lips in a demanding kiss.

"How was that?" asked Lee after his breathing had slowed down a

"Well Lee, she sighed dramatically, it's been a long time, since
we have had time all alone to ourselves, but it seems to me that
you can and have done better, Stetson," she told him with a
haughty smirk."

"My aren't you the fresh one tonight, Lee playfully growled.
"You've thrown down the gauntlet, Mrs. Stetson, and I humbly
accept your challenge. Prepare yourself, my dear because I plan
to lay siege to your foundation, plunder your bountiful body and
defend my besmirched masculine honor," said Lee with an
exaggerated Southern accent.

Amanda ran a finger up the front of his tuxedo jacket and said
"That's a lot of fancy talk sir, but I have yet to see it followed
by any action"

"Oh you want action? Well never let it be said that Lee Stetson
denied his wife something she really wanted, drawled Lee as he
moved even closer to Amanda and leaned over her causing her to
lean back towards the other door of the limo.

Amanda was about to put up a token protest and tell Lee that
maybe this wasn't a good ideal, to do this right now, but Lee's
lips met her's at that moment and she thought, what the hell.

Lee had maneuvered his hands to the back of his wife's dress,
worked the zipper down and was trailing his lips down her
shoulder as he lowered the garment ever so slowly, when the door
suddenly opened and the limo driver announced, Sir, Madam, we're

Lee quickly zipped a mortified Amanda's dress back up. He wasn't
too bothered by being "caught", annoyed at the interruption, but
he had definitely been discovered in more revealing situations.
At least this time, he was with his wife and their was no danger
of the situation causing an international incident.

After they exited the Limo, Amanda pulled out her compact to
inspect the damage done to their appearance. It isn't too bad
she thought, as she gave her hair a few fluffs and pats before
smoothing her gown. Lee still looked impeccable as usual, but she
couldn't resist fixing" his hair also. They entered the
restaurant and Lee informed the maitre' d that they had a
reservation for Stetson, party of two. He led them to a private
dining room. Before their Host left, he informed them that the
special bottle of Champagne and the Shrimp Salad appetizer Lee
had ordered, would be arriving in a few minutes.

The main course consisted of Beef Tips over Wild Rice
with a Mushroom and Wine gravy. Dessert was a Chocolate
Cheesecake. Lee chose this menu because it was what Amanda had
made for dinner, during the first case in which they pretended to be
husband and wife. The significance of the meal wasn't lost on
Amanda and she gave him a smile she reserved only for him as she
took his right hand in hers and gave it a little squeeze before
releasing it to play with his fingers. "Oh Lee, I can't believe
you actually remembered. I thought you didn't notice things like
this," said a very touched Amanda.

"I noticed everything about you. Always have and always will. It's
just that back then I was too busy running away from anything
that resembled human emotion, to show it" he told her.

The sincerity in Lee eyes as he said that reminded Amanda how
lucky she was to have Lee in her life. He had needed a lot of
polishing in the beginning, but her efforts had been rewarded a
hundred fold because his love for her outshone any diamond.
She looked into his beautiful sexy eyes and said, "I love you".
It was a simple declaration, but it meant more to Lee than all
the riches in the world.

Lee wanted to respond with words that would tell Amanda how much
she meant to him; He wanted to tell Amanda, she was his
everything; He wanted to tell her, how special she was to him; He
wanted to tell her so many things but everything he thought of,
his heart told him wasn't enough. Amanda had molded him into a
better man. She had made him into the Lee Stetson he had always
wanted to be. A man he could be proud of; A man his parents would
have been proud of.

For that he couldn't thank her enough. With his Amanda he could
admit something he had never admitted to anyone else; He could
admit he wanted it all, to have a wife, a family, a home he could
come home to. She had seen past his playboy facade. She knew what
he needed and she helped him find the path to happiness, by
giving him those things. Mere words were insufficient to express
how fortunate he felt to have her in his life, so he just gave
her a tender smile and told her he loved her.

Their waiter arrived to clear their plates from the table at that
moment. There was a slight commotion in the corner of the room.
Because old habits die hard, and they were used to trouble
finding them when all they wanted was a nice quiet evening. The
'agent' in Lee and Amanda tensed up ready for action, but relaxed
when they realized it was just the musicians setting up in the
corner of the room. This was Lee's next surprise for Amanda. He
had hired a small orchestra to give them a private concert.
Amanda was a fan of the classics and the pops, so Lee had chosen
a few of her favorites including, Beethoven's 6th symphony,
Mozart's A Little Night Music, Ravel's Bolero and Copeland's
Fanfare For The Common Man.

Amanda couldn't believe all the trouble her husband had gone
through to make this evening special for her. Before the
musicians started playing she and Lee moved their chairs next to
each other and she took his hand in hers and enjoyed the concert
with her head on her husband's shoulder.

Lee and Amanda both thanked the musicians and Conductor after the
concert was over. As the group packed up their instruments,
Amanda told Lee "that was one of the nicest surprises she had ever
had." Thinking they were about to leave the restaurant also,
Amanda turned to get her purse. She noticed that one of the
musicians had left a guitar in the corner.

She started to mention it to her husband but he was no longer
standing where she had left him. Lee was now over by the guitar.
He picked up the acoustic instrument, placed the strap over his
shoulder and begin to tune it.

"Lee, put that down," she admonished him like she does her sons.
"Suppose the person it belongs to comes in and sees you fooling
with it, or you break it?" she asked him.

"I'm not going to break it Amanda, so relax," he told her. Lee
could see she was about to protest so he held up a hand to stop
her words before she started. "I know what I am doing because it
belongs to me."

Amanda thought she had misheard him. "What do you mean it
belongs to you?" she asked him.

"Exactly what I said, It's mine. I've had it since I was in High
School," he told his unbelieving wife.

Lee knew Amanda was having a hard time accepting what he said so
he explained to her the reason she had never seen it before was
because he kept it in storage. He told her he had loved to play
the guitar, since he was about fifteen years old, but his Uncle
thought it was a waste of time and threatened to break it up and
use it as kindling if Lee didn't get rid of it. Lee told her how
he had hid it, at a friend's house, until he went away to
college. He said after he became an agent, he traveled around so
much earlier in his career, that it was easier for him to
store it for safe keeping. Amanda asked him why when he settled
in DC permanently, he didn't keep it with him at his apartment.
Her husband told her he had at one time, but an ex-girl friend,
that didn't quite understand what "ex" meant had used a key she
had made to his apartment without his knowledge, to come in one
night when he was with another woman and threatened to toss his
guitar out the window because she knew it was one of his most
prized possessions. He had kept it in storage every since,
because it was something that made him vulnerable and he hated
that anything could make him feel that way.

Amanda could see that this was a painful memory for Lee, so she
decided to change the conversation. She said to him, "Sweetheart,
will you play something for me?"

"I'd be delighted," he told her, but first he said, "Amanda
there's something I want you to know. I didn't deliberately keep
this a secret from you. Truth is that I had my guitar in storage
so long that I forgot about it. I know that might be a little
hard to believe but it's true. When the Bill comes in for the
storage unit I pay it. I try not to think about what's in there
because I keep the few possessions I have of my parents in there.
When my uncle gave them to me on my twenty first birthday, I
really didn't know what to do with them. They were all I had left
of my folks, but it was so hard to see them day in and day out
because they reminded me of what I lost when my parents were
killed. So I put it all in storage and pay the bill twice a year
when it comes in. I probably wouldn't have even thought about my
old guitar, if I hadn't of been thinking about our upcoming
anniversary, a few months ago. I knew I wanted to make it
special, to show you how happy I am, how lucky I feel, to have
you in my life. While I was racking my brain for ideals, I heard
this song on the radio and thought about how it expressed all the
things I can never seem to put into words to tell you how much I
love you. It dawned on me then that if I had my guitar, I could
play that song for you, so you'd know how I felt."

"Sweetheart, you are a wonderful man. No one else has ever gone
too such lengths to make me feel so special. I am honored that
you would want to do something so wonderful for me, Lee but you
should know, you don't have to go through so much trouble. I know
how much you love me, Lee. You show it everyday, in the things
you do." Amanda took Lee's face in her hand and made sure she
had his attention before she continued, "You, Lee Stetson, are a
wonderful man, who doesn't give himself enough credit. You always
tell me what I do for you, what I've given you , but what about
all the things you've given me. You have given me love,
confidence, support, courage, understanding. Lee you have brought
stability, happiness and security back into my life. There was a
time I had given up on those things Lee, but then you came along
and through your actions, you made me secure in the knowledge,
that through the good and the bad, times you are going to be here
for me and my sons. That my love, is priceless. You've given me
so much but asked for so little in return. I just want you to
know how much I appreciate you and I need to tell you thank you,
because I don't think I've ever thanked you for loving me so

When she finished speaking, both Amanda and Lee were a little
misty eyed. She kissed him softly on the lips. Lee swallowed the
lump that had formed in his throat and croaked out another 'I
love you'. He cleared his throat and told Amanda to take a seat.
As soon as she was seated he began to play. The Temptations, 'my
Girl' was the first song he played. Lee played two more ballads
before he played a song he wrote just for Amanda. When he had sung
the last note, Amanda got up out of her chair and said, "Oh my
gosh, Lee. I can't believe you wrote that song, just for me. It
is so beautiful."

"Thank you," Lee said, "but the song could never compare to the
beauty of you, sweetheart."

"Flattery will get you everywhere, Big Fella," Amanda told Lee.
"Why don't we get out of here, so we can have some real privacy
and I can show you just how much you mean to me. I seem to recall
you making some promises earlier about reacquainting me with the
Stetson bedside manor"

"Just let me pay the bill and we are out of here," Lee told her
with a look of lust in his eyes. Amanda excused herself to the
powder room while Lee settled the bill. When she returned, Lee
asked her if she was ready to go and she replied in the
affirmative. Hand in hand, they left the restaurant and walked to
the waiting Limo outside. Lee and Amanda kissed and cuddled
during the limo ride, so she payed no attention to where they
were headed. Amanda had thought they were headed home, so she was
taken by complete surprise when she stepped out of the vehicle in
the front of a quaint little bed and breakfast. Lee told her he
had booked them into a room for the rest of the weekend. He led
her inside and after they checked in they were shown to their
room. It was a lovely room but neither Lee nor Amanda were
interested in the decor at the moment. As soon as Lee closed the
door to the room, he and Amanda were in each other's arms. Quite
a few heated kisses were exchanged as they made their way to the
queen size bed.

Monday morning came all to soon for the couple after the
wonderful, romantic weekend they had spent together. Neither
wanted to return to the world outside their room, a world where
they had to hide how much they meant to each other, but work and
family beckoned, so they left their hideaway to go back to their
separate homes, back to being- Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

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