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Story Notes:
Instructions: You must use the above line of dialogue in your story exactly as
stated. Don't forget your submission can be any length - from one line to a
full-length story - and it can be SMK, B5 or anything else as long as it has a
link to either SMK or B5.
Only someone who knew Francine's Desmond taste in fashion would think
that the grey silk blouse and pink trousers she wore, were exactly
what she have in mind for the afternoon activity she had in mind.

Dressed like that, she exited her car in front of the white picket fence
house in Maplewood Drive 4247.

The door swung open before she had the time to push the button and
Dotty West in a black jumpsuit leave the house like storm chased with

"Hello Miss Desmond, Amanda is in the kitchen,"

and a hollered"

"Amanda, Miss Desmond is here" shouted toward the kitchen
Amanda's voice floated in the same tone,

"Let her in , mother and have a nice time with Cpt Curt."

Francine was sure she'll end up deaf, but she had something to do
so, enter in the cozy house.

Amanda met her near the stairs, she was wondering what was keeping

"Hi there Francine, where are your clothes?"

Francine's look shown exactly what she thought.

"Your cooking clothes Francine, that's why you are here today, no?
You said you wanted to impress you guests at your birthday with a
homemade cake. Don’t tell me you want to bake a chocolate cake wearing
pink trousers?"

"Yes, I do , what's wrong with that?"

"Francine, think! Chocolate and pink! Wait a second..."

And with that Amanda flew up the stairs and minutes after, she came
down with some sweat pants and a tee shirt.

"Put these on, and hurry we have a lot to do and you don't have so
much time if you want to check with the catering service today."

The first thing Francine saw when entering, was Amanda holding up a
kitchen apron, and in her eyes an apron was the housewife trademark
like the rollers.

"Get that thing away from me!"

Francine's voice rose an octave, but Amanda was used with this kind of
behavior, her son's and sometimes her dear husband want to make
themselves scarce when Spring cleaning was around the corner.

"Francine! do you or don't you want to make impression over the
handsome businessman, from Belgium, you invited?"

Francine's eyes lit up her face and the apron find its place over
her body, and in a couple of minutes the two friends start working at
the most delicious cake ever baked.
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