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With tires squealing, Lee rounded the corner and pulled up behind the
emergency vehicles, slamming on the breaks, sending the 'Vette fish-tailing before
it came to a stop. His heart in his throat, he rushed out of the car, leaving
the engine running and raced to the closest rescuer to find out who was in

He was directed to a group of uniformed men standing by an ambulance. He
started to race to them when he heard her voice.

"Lee!" she shouted. "Over here."

He turned to find her sitting on the step of the ambulance holding an ice
pack to her head. He took a few deep breaths to try to calm his racing heart. On
legs not quite steady, he walked over to his wife and sat beside her.

"I'm all right, Lee." She reassured him.

Gently, he pulled the ice away and took a good long look and the lump on her
forehead. An ugly purple bruise bloomed across her cheek. Carefully, he
traced the edges, and then placed the cold pack back against her injury.

He placed a soft kiss on her cheek and gathered her in his arms. She rested
her head on his shoulder. They sat like that until an EMT came over to check
on her. He stepped back to give the medic more room to see to Amanda.

He paced back and forth across the back of the open vehicle.The paramedic
changed her cold pack and assured her he'd be back again to check on her once

Alone once more, he stood in front of her and ran his hand through his hair.
"Whatever were you thinking?" He shouted, "you could have been hurt badly,
or even killed. How would I explain it to Phillip and Jamie. Your mother would
never forgive me. How could you do this to me, you scared at least ten years
off my life! Do you have any idea how scared I was when I got a phone call
saying you had been involved in a bus accident?"

He looked at her then., tears running down her cheeks and his tirade halted
in mid-rant. He pulled her into his arms and held her until she stopped

"I'm sorry, Lee," she whispered into his ear. 'I didn't think. I just
reacted. That boy ran right out into the middle of the street. I had to do
something. I couldn't let him get hurt."

He stroked her back. Long, gently caresses, sweeping from shoulder to waist.
"I know. I know. You did the right thing. Come on, let me take you home."

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