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Inside Billy Melrose's office, the two agents already there studied
the files given them by their boss.

"I think I'll take Amanda on this one Billy."

Francine's head raised fast with eyes wide open.

"Lee, what are you saying? This assignment is at the "Couples
Expectant Retreat", I don't know why Evghenni Davidov want to make
the documents exchange there, but well he said he feels safe there
among expectant mothers and happy fathers."

" Yes Francine, Lee's voice sound annoyed, but tell me who better
knows how an expectant mother should behave? Adding that to the fact
that she could tell me how a father to be, must take care of the
future mommy. I think this is the best solution."

"Well Lee, it seems that you have all figured up, go and tell
Amanda what she need to know and then take the rest of the day off,
the two of you must be there tomorrow morning, and from what it's
written here it a good four hours drive till the Retreat".

On the way to the Q, Lee was thinking that this mission was what
they need. Amanda told him last night he would be a daddy and they
need some time alone to discuss the best way to tell everybody they
were married and future parents.

After three days, Billy found Lee and Amanda waiting for him outside
his office speaking with Francine. It was something different in
their posture, he wasn't sure what until Francine's voice resound
loud over the usual bustle of the bullpen.

"Lee!!! Tell me that isn't what it looked to be!"

Billy saw too, saw was menacing to launch Francine in what seem the
mother of all the tirades, and like a good boss tried to keep it
between them, but Francine was unstoppable.

"That is a wedding band Lee, and there on Amanda's finger are the
matching one and a beautiful diamond ring. Are you two married?
Whatever were you thinking Lee? Married??? and to her !!I told you
Billy it was a bad idea sending Amanda with Lee on this."

Francine's outburst began to make Lee mad, more because he saw
Amanda's eyes tear, they were happy and he would allow no one, not
even Francine to spoil their happy day.

"Yes Francine, I..we are married, and not from today or yesterday
but eight months ago. We decided to reveal all now because I'm going
to be a dad and we wanted our friends to share our joy.
If you can't be happy with us, just leave us alone."

With these words Lee took his wife's hand and enter Billy's office
soon followed by their chief who's face shown clear signs of
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