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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hi, it's been a while since I have answered the challenge. RL has
interfered. Also I have had writer's block in editing changes to my
own story. This piece is from my upcoming story. It's something my
beta asked me to add in and she has not seen it yet. This scene is
the prequel scene to another challenge, the tell me why we're doing
this again? one. OK, so you've been warned. The usual disclaimers
Amanda methodically searched the classrooms to look around for her
family as well as anything suspicious. As she searched the fifth
grade wing, Amanda hoped that Lee was having better luck as he
searched the sixth grade wing. They'd agreed to meet in the gym and
search it and the cafeteria together.

During Amanda's forage for clues, she found Phillip and Stacey
standing in front of the school's trophy case.

"Hi Phillip, Stacey!"

"Hi, Mom!"

"Hi, Mrs. Stetson! Phillip just found the varsity letter from this
list!" Stacey gestured to the paper in her hand.

"That's great! Stacey, could you excuse us for a second?"

Amanda pulled Phillip to the side of the case as Stacey moved further
away to admire its contents.


"Phillip? Whatever were you thinking? I expected you to stay in the
group with your brother and grandmother."

Phillip whispered sullenly. "Geez, Mom, I was thinking that I was on
a date."

"Phillip, we have guidelines about group dating until you're sixteen!
Your birthday is still several months away!"

"Aw, Mom, this group doesn't count!"

"We will discuss this later. Something has happened here that is
agency related and Lee and I have some work to do. You remember what
you learned in your Agency class, right?"

"Yes, Mom!"

"Good. Now I want you to take Stacey outside and wait there with
your brother. He is with Mr. Melrose."

"Yes, Mom."

Phillip began to escort his friend outside while Amanda continued on
with her quest. She completed her canvas of one corridor and turned
a corner to move onto another. She entered the next classroom . . .
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