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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hi Ladies:

Well I know that we already had the prize story but this idea has
been stuck in my head since Friday but RL has kept me too busy to
put fingers to keyboard to get it typed up. When I saw the
challenge line I thought of a response I had done before with the
boys and thought that it would work to expand on....so I reposted
the orginal response too.
Childhood Antics

"Are you sure? It's a long way down," Jamie questioned his brother,
Philip, as they stood at the top of the stairs. The tricycle they
had hauled up the stairs standing between them.

"Of course I'm sure, worm brain. All you need to do is hang on, and
you'll be at the bottom in no time. Mom's gone and grandma's outside-
-it's the perfect time to try this. I'm too big, so you have to be
the one to do it," Philip explained as only a big brother could.

"Alright, but if this doesn't work, I'm telling mom," Jamie lamented.

"It'll work, trust me," Philip calmly replied. And with that Jamie
jumped on the tricycle and went for the ride of his young life. The
ride only lasted a few seconds, and as he bounced down the stairs he
could hear Philip yelling, "And there he goes..."

As he got to the bottom, Jamie realized they hadn't thought about
the stopping part and screamed, "Now what?!?!"

"I don't know, jump!" Philip yelled as he raced down the stairs
after his little brother, thinking the whole time about how much
trouble he was about to be in.

Getting an answer too late, Jamie and the tricycle crashed into the
wall at the bottom of the stairs, knocking everything off the wall.

"Quick! Get up before grandma gets in here. I know she heard that
crash and all this glass from the pictures breaking," Philip
directed as he surveyed the damage.

"We're gonna be in big trouble!" Jamie whined as he untangled
himself from the trike and noticed the large gash in his leg.

"Just hurry up! Go upstairs and put a band aid on your leg and then
put on some long pants on so grandma won't notice that cut on your
leg." Philip suggested as he began to pick up the mangled tricycle
while Jamie ran upstairs to put their plan into action.

"Boys, what in the world was that racket?!?!" Dotty questioned
frantically as she raced into the house from her gardening.

"Philip Joseph King! Whatever were you thinking?!?!" Dotty yelled
when she found Philip with trike in hand and picture frames and
glass scattered all over the floor.

"It wasn't me grandma! Ummm, Jamie was the one who rode it down the
stairs…" Philip stammered as he looked at the battered trike.

"Of course he did, and I'm sure it was your idea. You know he's
your little brother, and he will do whatever you tell him. Now you
take that trike out to the garage and then come back in here to help
clean up this mess before your mother gets home. When she does get
home, you can tell her about what you two did today. Speaking of
your little brother, where is Jamie `cause he needs to help clean up
this mess too," Dotty ordered as she headed for the kitchen to grab
a broom.

"He's upstairs. He'll be down in a minute," Philip replied

Shaking her head at the antics of her grandsons, Dotty mused `And
here I thought Amanda was a handful when she was their ages.'
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