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Author's Chapter Notes:
Instructions: You must use the above line of dialogue in your story exactly as stated. Don't forget your submission can be any length - from one line to a full-length story - and it can be SMK, B5 or anything else as long as it has a link to either SMK or B5.
Lee Stetson, intelligence agent, is standing at the
ready with his target in sight, but there is an
obstacle in his way. He lines up his sight and misses.
He aims a second time and again he misses. He looks
over at his partner and wife and sees her giggling at

"What's so funny?" He asks.

"Lee, it's only a little hole."

"Amanda, I can't get it in the hole! That stupid
windmill is in the way!"

"Another fun day at Golfy Golf with the King and
Stetson family," Amanda says, walking away and
laughing at her husband.
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