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Summary: Dotty makes a mistake and gets into trouble.
Rated: Family
Categories: Scarecrow and Mrs. King Characters: Amanda King, Dotty West
Genres: Comedy
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 2406 Read: 3221
Published: 09/06/08 Updated: 09/06/08
Story Notes:

Disclaimer: The characters from Scarecrow and Mrs. King are the property of Warner Brothers and Shoot the Moon Productions. We have borrowed the characters without the consent or knowledge of Warner Brothers or Shoot the Moon. This story, however, is copyrighted to the mentioned authors. This story is for entertainment purposes ONLY. If you would like to add it to an archive, please just let us know. 

Authors’ Notes:  This was written in response to the Friday 25th January, 2008, challenge.  The prompt was: “Officer, I can explain...” 

1. Chapter 1 by The Yank and The Brit [Reviews - 2] (2406 words)

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