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Title: Lost In Hyperspace

Title: Lost In Hyperspace


Author: Lynda Mayfield


E-mail: rangerbaldwin@yahoo.com


Summary:  Going to have a bunch of these “what happened next” episodes. Not going to do all of the episodes.  These will focus on John and Delenn’s developing relationship, primarily.  Will post as many as I can as fast as I can. Was trying to save them to do in one big story, but it takes too much time/effort.  So a piece at a time it is. 


Authors Note: Thank you to the world’s best beta reader, my kid bro Rich. Congrats on your grad. and license, dude!

Disclaimer: None of the B5 characters belongs to me, and I have in no way harmed them during this writing.




The following week brought John’s old friend, Captain Maynard, to the station.  Maynard and his crew were taking an Explorer class ship out to the Rim area, to map it.  John considered giving up on being captain of the station.  He wanted to go out there again already.  He was itching to make a first contact, or chart a new pulsar, way out there.    When the gigantic ship was lost and found in hyperspace that bolstered his confidence.  There was also an encounter with Delenn.


Accessing his video diary again, he began his latest entry.


“Recently, I’ve considered giving up my position here on the station.  I really was going to resign.  Then I ran into Ambassador Delenn of Minbar, in the Zen Gardens. We talked, and it all seemed to make sense.


“The discussion boils down to the fact that maybe, just maybe, she and I are both here because this is where the Universe wants us.  For now, we are in the right place at the right time.  She also said that the greatest of all secrets is that we are star stuff.   She believes that each person Is the Universe made manifest, trying to figure itself out.


“We walked and talked a while after that.  She looks so human now, except for her bone crest, that is.  The Minbari are not adjusting well to her human appearance.  I still don’t quite understand why she underwent that change, knowing the trouble it would cause her, the fact that some of her people would make her an outcast.


“She says it’s to become closer to Humans, because Humans are the other half of Minbari souls.  But it’s been ten years.  Why wait ten years?  She didn’t have an answer for that.

“I changed the subject, asking why she chose to come to the Zen Gardens.  She said they remind her of home.  I grinned.  They remind me of home for a different reason.  I studied the Zen religion along with a lot of other things when Dad took me on his travels.  I told her as much.


“She found my family history of diplomats interesting, even though I told her both sets of my grandparents were farmers.  Not much of a family history there. Aside from that, I’m more of a politician here than a diplomat.


“That information didn’t change Ambassador Delenn’s mind.  I guess on Minbar, the two positions are practically the same.  I should study up on the Minbari caste system if she’s going to show up in the Gardens when I do on a regular basis.


“I wouldn’t mind that very much.  She’s good company, and she can look at everything from a different viewpoint.  I think I’ll probably need that, considering I know I’ll stay here now.”


John turned off the record and turned in for the night.  Another new and exciting week was headed his way and he knew he’d need his rest.


……………………………………End, for now……

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