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Title: The Unexpected

Title: The Unexpected


Author: Lynda Mayfield


E-mail: rangerbaldwin@yahoo.com


Summary:  Another “what happened next” episode. I’m focusing on John and Delenn’s developing relationship, primarily. 

Authors Note: Thank you to the world’s best beta reader, my kid bro Rich. Congrats on your grad. and license, dude!

Disclaimer: None of the B5 characters belongs to me, and I have in no way harmed them during this writing.





John had sighed the week Abel Horne came aboard.  He gladly investigated the incident, and was pretty sure it involved Bureau Thirteen.  Of course he was left with no tangible proof.  It was Londo and his wives he tried to keep away from.   He let Garibaldi figure out which one of them might want to kill the Ambassador, or if it was an accident, or if Talia’s ex had something to do with it.


Delenn he had heard about from Susan, over dinner.  He was glad he could sound off to his exec.  He felt like he would explode, sometimes, if he didn’t.


“So, this week’s reports are in,” John said, “What was it you wanted to tell me about Ambassador Delenn?”


Susan laughed a little, “Well, Captain, she didn’t quite understand why her hair wouldn’t cooperate.  It was dry, frizzy, and brushing it was totally out of the question.  When I realized she was practically ruining it with her bathing compounds, I did a little shopping and helped her work it out.  I suggested she cut it, but she said she couldn’t.”


“Why not?” John chuckled, mystified.


“She said it’s a part of her symbolic humanness.  She can’t cut it right now.  She has to maintain the length it’s at, maybe she can trim it later on, but not yet.”


“I’ll be damned,” John said, shaking his head.


“And you don’t want to know about the cramps…” Susan said, dropping the sentence.


“That too?”  John asked, amazed.


Susan nodded, trying not to grin.


“Curiouser and curiouser, our Minbari Ambassador.”


“I’ll drink to that,” Susan said, clinking her wineglass with John’s, and taking as big a gulp as she could.


            “So, what did you do about the cramps?” John asked.


            “I sent her to Dr. Franklin…told her to tell him she had a backache and that he’d take it from there,” Susan shrugged.


            “You couldn’t do anything for her yourself?”


            “John, that’s not my field of expertise…sure, we’re both women, but, to be honest, I don’t know how she’d react to Human medicines…look how Minbari react to alcohol.  I don’t know what her Minbari half would think of ‘take two Aspirin and call me in the morning’.  If it’s bad, I don’t want to know,” Susan said.


            “Makes sense.  So, she went?” John asked.


            “I assume so.  I got off the lift at my deck and haven’t seen her since.”


            “I hope she’s okay,” John said with concern.


            “We might find out right now.”


            “Why is that?”


            “Here comes Lennier…he’s making a beeline for us,” Susan said, covertly pointing to the Minbar aide over John’s left shoulder.


            “Captain, Commander,” Lennier bowed to them both, “ I wanted to thank you, Commander, personally, for all you’ve done to help Ambassador Delenn.”


            Susan smiled bashfully, “Really, Lennier, it was nothing.


            Lennier smiled broadly, “You’ve been a great help.  Her temperament toward me has improved greatly and she is not complaining of the abdominal pain she had earlier.  It seems to have…gone.”


            John grinned widely.  It appeared the Ambassador was taking out her PMS on the unsuspecting aide.  Well, everyone will have to adjust, he thought.


            “Something amuses you, Captain?” Lennier asked.


            “Oh, no,” John said, “I am just very glad that the Ambassador is feeling better.  Wouldn’t you say, Commander.’


            “Very glad,” Susan said.  She was grinning, too, now that she understood Lennier’s relief, “Anyway, I am glad I could help.”


            “I must get back to my duties, now, good evening to you,” Lennier said and with a final bow he walked away.


            “That was an interesting little exchange,” John said to Susan.


            “No kidding,” Susan laughed.


            The captain and his XO finished their dinner and parted company, John for C&C and Susan to her quarters.


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