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Title: Second Intermission

Title: Second Intermission


Author: Lynda Mayfield


E-mail: rangerbaldwin@yahoo.com


Summary:  Going to have a bunch of these “what happened next” episodes.  Will post as many as I can as fast as I can. Was trying to save them to do in one big story, but it takes too much time/effort.  So a piece at a time it is. 


Authors Note: Thank you to the world’s best beta reader, my kid bro Rich. Congrats on your grad. and license, dude!

Disclaimer: None of the B5 characters belongs to me, and I have in no way harmed them during this writing.




At the start of John’s second week in command of Babylon Five, his sister Liz arrived on the station.   He had heard she would be coming as soon as he’d gotten command.  Knowing the neat freak she was, he cleaned up his quarters.


            Liz’s visit was a pleasant one, even if it did bring up some memories he would rather forget.  The data crystal from Anna had helped lessen the blame he put on himself for her death.  But he still missed her so much.


            After seeing Lizzy off on her shuttle, John ate dinner out with Susan Ivanova.  She happened to be free that night, and he wanted to catch up with her on what had gone on since their time together on Io.


            “Based on what you’ve told me, I missed a lot in Babylon Five’s first year,” John said as Susan wrapped up her ten years since the Earth-Minbari war.


            “Yes you did.  I’m sure there’ll be a lot more history here before we’re through,” Susan agreed.


            “I hope not too much, but with as many people as we get through here a day, I never know what to expect,” John said, “Commanding the Aggie was a bit easier.”


            “Did you enjoy your sister’s visit?” Susan asked.


            “Immensely,” John said, “Although she brought with her some unsettling memories of Anna.  I guess Anna died doing what she loved.  And I cannot blame myself or her for going on that mission anymore.”


            “You shouldn’t,” Susan agreed, “I still miss my father, even though we were only close again as he neared death.  But we both have closure; me through the Shiva ceremony, and you through Liz.”


            “I’m really missing being in space right now,” John admitted,”  I like the feel of a ship under me.”


            “Want the feel of a ship?” Susan said with typical sarcasm, “Take a ‘Fury out for a couple of hours.  Delta squad always needs to be put through their paces, they’ve got the easiest shift.”


            “Thanks,” John said, “But it’s not the same as having a crew right there and being able to explore.  Babylon Five just sits here, and the ‘Furies have limited range.”


            “You have a point,” Ivanova conceded.


            “Now you see my dilemma.  But I’ll be okay,” John said. 


After they finished their meal, he walked with Susan back to her quarters, then to his own.  He thought he might do okay here on Babylon Five.  Sure, he had to make new friends and get to know his staff, but it had been the same with the Agamemnon.  He was a natural strategist and leader.  Yet, he still had reservations.  Was this the right place for him?


            He kept wondering that all the way to his deck.  A quarter million people, in the middle of space was a lot of responsibility, and he wasn’t sure he wanted it.  Nothing had happened that Garibaldi couldn’t handle.  He felt good knowing security was well run.  He would have to think about sticking around Babylon Five.  For now, he’d stay.  But if he itched to be right back out in space, maybe he’d put in for transfer.


……………………….Until next time……………

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