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Title: First Intermission


Author: Lynda Mayfield


E-mail: rangerbaldwin@yahoo.com


Summary:  Going to have a bunch of these “what happened next” episodes.  Will post as many as I can as fast as I can. Was trying to save them to do in one big story, but it takes too much time/effort.  So a piece at a time it is. 


Authors Note: Thank you to the world’s best beta reader, my kid bro Rich. Congrats on your grad. and license, dude!



Disclaimer: None of the B5 characters belongs to me, and I have in no way harmed them during this writing.




John had had an interesting day with the Advisory council and mostly wanted to eat and sleep.  But he also decided to log the day’s events.  He ate and showered, then turned on the recorder.


“Minbari . . . they always seemed to have something new up their sleeves.  Today’s something was definitely something else.  Ambassador Delenn truly had me floored, appearing human the way she had,” John paused.  Absolutely gorgeous, he told himself, but I can dwell on that later


            “I haven’t even been here a week, and things are already weird.  I was ambivalent about leaving the Agamemnon to take over here, and now I feel even more uncertain.


            “I’ll be around Minbari all the time.  They call me John “Starkiller” Sheridan.  My one true success in defending my home planet, and the damn Minbari will not let me live it down, leave it in the past.


            “I hated the Minbari for so long.  Hundreds of my fellow officers, men I knew and who were good friends, my best friends, died at their hands.  The day I did what I did, I was desperate.  Mining the asteroid belt was no ingenious tactic, just sheer desperation and hope.  That was my last chance to save what was left of the crew.


            “Earth loved me for it, pinned a medal on my chest.  I have uncalled favors from those shipmates.  I never, ever, felt guilt about killing those Minbari.  Just guilt for the humans I couldn’t save.  Now, the Minbari throw it in my face, every chance they get.  There is no respite for me here for what they consider such an unthinkable and unforgivable sin. 


            “I still hate them for that war, for killing my friends without a second thought. For being damned boneheads.  Even ten years later, my feelings haven’t change much.


            “From what I understand, the Minbari had peace for a thousand years before the Earth-Minbari war.  Some Valen pulled them all together.  I’ve heard also they weren’t sure they wanted to ever run into humans, much less engage us in war.


            “The Minbari, humanoid with their pale skin, bone-crested heads, and triple caste system …there had been war, anyway.  I do regret that the Minbari I killed had to die, but I will never regret my decision.  I can’t take it back now, so I guess I am wondering how I should feel, what I should do when I’m near them.


            “I thought I finished the war 10 years ago.  Guess I have to rethink that.


            “Also, I have to consider the ambassadors, and especially Ambassador Delenn of Minbar.  She looks very human now.  Still has her bone crest, but there is hair on her head now.  Made my jaw hit the floor hard this afternoon.  I guess as far as the Minbari are concerned, I’ll have to follow her lead.”


            John switched off his computer diary.  He readied himself for bed, then lay there, pondering the Minbari, and eventually Delenn.  It seemed she was risking a lot to look human, and John was fascinated to see what the other races would think of her.  He fell asleep, hoping his time commanding Babylon Five would go smoothly.


………………..Till the next one………..


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