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Steph has a discussion with Ranger.  Second in my Diesel series.

Rated: Family
Categories: Stephanie Plum Characters: Ranger, Stephanie Plum
Genres: Angst
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Series: Unmentionable Stories
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Word count: 1068 Read: 3466
Published: 20/05/08 Updated: 20/05/08
Story Notes:

Disclaimer: The characters from the world of Stephanie Plum are the sole property of the very talented author: Janet Evanovich.  I have only borrowed and do not wish to make money off of them.  This story, however, is copyrighted to the mentioned author. This story is for entertainment purposes ONLY.

 Author’s Note:  This was written in response to TT’s Valentine Challenge on PerfectlyPlum. The prompt line that had to be used was “If I ever get my hands on him, Cupid is a dead man.  And many thanks to AmyF, my partner in crime, for beta’ing this piece for me.

1. Chapter 1 by JanG [Reviews - 0] (1068 words)

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