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Fifty rituals, he wanted to scream.

A ritual for eating and how to cook a meal.

The sleeping ritual he didn’t mind.

Another for greeting and saying good-bye.

More for being together and apart.

Others for solving disputes.

The Shan Fal. He grinned remembering this ritual.

How they discovered each other’s centers of pleasure. He almost backed out when he saw the group congregated in her quarters. Then she led him into her bedroom. She had been sneaky telling him it would be done prayerfully and with respect and meditation.

He only had two words to describe it.

Woo Hoo



Lips met, tongues dueled and hands caressed in an erotic dance.

He sucked her engorged nipples and teased her throbbing clit with his tongue.

She sucked his cock wildly, engulfing him in her hot mouth.

His throbbing cock entered her fully in one deep thrust.

She wrapped her legs around him lifting her hips to meet his thrusting body, her heels digging into his ass.

Hands were everywhere.

They abandoned themselves to pleasure.

They moved together in total harmony and rode the waves of passion.

Sending each other over the edge in exploding sensations.

They were sated.

For the moment.
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