"Stop! Don't touch that!" by Friday Challenge
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1. Chapter 1 - Monica by Friday Challenge

2. Chapter 2 - Annette by Friday Challenge

3. Chapter 3 - Stephy by Friday Challenge

4. Chapter 4 - Lisa by Friday Challenge

5. Chapter 5 - Lisa by Friday Challenge

6. Chapter 6 - Lisa by Friday Challenge

7. Chapter 7 - Patti by Friday Challenge

8. Chapter 8 - Angela C by Friday Challenge

9. Chapter 9 - Sue by Friday Challenge

10. Chapter 10 - Angela C by Friday Challenge

11. Chapter 11 - The Kris by Friday Challenge

Chapter 1 - Monica by Friday Challenge
My head is killing me! Last night my little angel, my Jennifer, chose to keep her daddy awake for hours!

She wasn't sick, just wanted to have fun-Fun! a six month old! But that was all right with me. I like playing with her, what I don't like is the headache I have now.

I need coffee.

I made a pot and after I poured myself a cup, I opened the fridge for my half and half.

Hmmmmm! Strange! When did they change the shape of the containers? I took the bottle from the fridge and got ready to pour when my dear wife's voice pierced my ears.

"Stop!Don't touch that!"

Due to my training I didn't break the bottle, but I turned to her, with a big question mark on my face unable to speak for a second.

"Lee that is your daughter's breast milk, you know that today I won't be able to come home at noon to feed her."

"Sorry honey I forgot!" I said and leaned in to kiss her.
Chapter 2 - Annette by Friday Challenge
Phillip and Jamie came barreling in through the door and headed straight to the
kitchen. "Boy am I hungry." Phillip said as he searched for an afternoon snack.
Me too, said Jamie. That was one of the toughest practices coach ever put us

The boys then noticed a yummy treat on the counter. "Yes! Strawberry
shortcake!" Phillip exclaimed happily. Jamie you get the plates and I will cut
us each a piece. Just as he was about to start cutting, he heard a stern voice
from behind.

"Stop! Don't touch that!" Dotty told her grandson. That is for my date tonight
with Captain Curt. Now there are fresh chocolate chip cookies in the cookie jar.
Go wash up and you can have a few cookies and some milk.

"Sorry Grandma" Jamie said as he and Phillip headed up the stairs.

"I swear those boys are going to eat us out of house and home" Dotty smiled to
herself as she put out some cookies and poured two glasses of milk.
Chapter 3 - Stephy by Friday Challenge
"Stop! Don't touch that! It hurts! Amanda if you are going to put burn ointment on me not so hard."

"Well cry baby if you had put on the sunblock like I told you, you wouldn't be burnt now would you so be quiet and roll over."
Chapter 4 - Lisa by Friday Challenge
"Stop! Don't touch that!"

Amanda froze, her right hand hovering over the tray of cookies. She
felt like a child with her hand getting caught in the cookie jar, but
she wasn't a child, she was a grown woman, and everybody knew that
anything left out on the counter in the break room was fair game.

After looking up Amanda stepped back. "It's all yours, I think you
need it more than I do."

Francine grabbed the last double chocolate chunk cookie, her usually
perfectly manicured fingernails were ragged and chipped, her blond
hair was matted with something that was kind of greenish and there
were odd colored stains all over her clothes.

"What happened to . . ." Amanda stopped in mid sentence, the glare
that she received told her not to ask until massive amounts of
chocolate had been consumed. "I've got some chocolate ice cream up
stairs in the Q bureau."

"Let's go." The blond said as she turned on her broken heel and
headed down the hall toward the elevator, not even waiting for
Amanda. Grabbing a snickerdoodle instead of chocolate she hurried
out of the room and followed the odd smell that she was sure hadn't
come from an expensive bottle of French perfume. Hopefully the story
will be worth missing out on the chocolate cookie for.
Chapter 5 - Lisa by Friday Challenge
"Stop! Don't touch that." Jamie yelled.

Amanda pulled her hand back from the Tupperware, she had been literally
tied up at lunchtime and hadn't had a chance to eat, and at 8 pm, she
was famished.

"Phillip cooked again tonight for homework. I'd suggest PB&J."
Chapter 6 - Lisa by Friday Challenge
Lee started to slowly glide in and out of her. He reached up, his hand
about to grab her breast when he heard a sound from outside the door.

"Stop! Don't touch that!"

It was Jamie, they weren't supposed to be home yet.

"Mom was out late editing last night, she's probably taking a nap, we'd
better not disturb her. I'm sure she won't mind if we have some pie
for a snack."
Chapter 7 - Patti by Friday Challenge
Author's Notes:
Author's Note: This story assumes particular events within Odds on a Dead
Pigeon occurs post series when the SMK relationship is well known to the
family. For my story's purposes, Lee came home to find Amanda unconscious. He
captured the snake in the garbage pail. After reviving her, he took the shoe
box we assumed it arrived in, and examined the trigger mechanism. Instead of
using a lunchbox, he put the snake into the shoe box but put it outside the
back door in case there were lingering fumes . .
Amanda embraced Lee as they stood in the kitchen. She welcomed the cool
breeze which was blowing in through the window that Lee just opened..

". . . Lee, I'm feeling fine now."

"A-man-da! I'm taking you into the Agency's clinic whether you like it or
not. So please, get ready!"

"Lee, really.. . "

Lee's voice softened. "Sweetheart, we've been trying to get pregnant for a
while now, remember?"

Amanda looked at him lovingly. "Yes, I seem to recall something like that."

"Don't take any chances with your health. Please?"

"Okay, you write the boys a note and I'll get my things."

They released each other but Amanda froze in her steps when she overheard
the boys' arrival in the backyard.

"Jamie, look!"


"I think that Mom hid my birthday gift out here in plain sight! It's the new
shoes I asked for!"

"Stop! Don't touch that!"

Amanda watched as Phillip and Jamie entered the house in wonderment. Their
stares were returned with two broad smiles. Amanda could tell that the boys
were confused because they heard a strict tone in stereo. Lee had joined
Amanda simultaneously in a warning that sounded absolutely parental. Making
their excuses, Lee and Amanda left to go to the agency and finish the Redding
Chapter 8 - Angela C by Friday Challenge
Lee walked over to the desert table to get him and Amanda something to
eat. Francine was standing right beside him filling her plate. As Lee
reached for the last piece of chocolate fudge, he stopped dead in his
tracks as Francine grabbed his hand from taking the last piece of fudge.

"Stop! Don't touch that!" She grabbed the last piece of fudge out of
Lee's hand and put in on her plate and walked away. Lee just laughed
and shook his head as he walked away from the table.
Chapter 9 - Sue by Friday Challenge
John checked his watch for the third time in the last fifteen minutes. "What
could be taking her so long?" He wondered. If they didn't leave soon they
were going to loose their reservations at the Fresh Air Restaurant.

He groaned when he heard the comm link beep.

"I'm sorry, John, but its Minbar. I have to take this. I'll be just a moment
longer. Make yourself comfortable." Delenn called from inside her bed

He settled into one of the chairs and used his own link to call the
restaurant and change his reservation. That taken care of, he sat back and
waited for
his date.

His date.

It had been a while since he had one of those and it seemed he was a tad bit
nervous. Okay, if the swarm of Star furies on maneuvers soaring in his
stomach were any indication, he was a lot more than a tad nervous.

He began to jiggle his leg and tap his foot. And when he couldn't sit still
any longer he got up and paced back and forth around the kitchen and living

On his third pass, a sparkling prism caught his eye and he went to
investigate. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Colorful lights bouncing off tiny
triangles stacked high on what looked like crystal checker boards. He wanted to
investigate further and reached out to pluck the top triangle off its stack.

"Stop! Don't touch that!" Lennier yelled.

Startled, he jerked his hand back and whirled around to face Lennier. Just
as he was about to apologize for his actions, the doors to the sleeping area
slid open and Delenn stepped out.

She stood framed in the doorway. He'd never seen her look so, so human. The
little black dress she wore took his breath away.

He smiled, told her how incredible she looked and quickly escorted her out
the door. Never once speaking to Lennier.

Chapter 10 - Angela C by Friday Challenge
Lee had just settled down on the couch from a long day at work. He had
fixed himself a sandwich and turned the tv on. Just as he was about to
take a bite the phone rang. He sat the plate on the coffee table. The
dog looked at the plate and then looked in the direction Lee was
going. He saw that the coast was clear. He made a mad dash for the
sandwich. Lee was just entering the room when he saw the dog heading
to the coffee table. "STOP! DON'T TOUCH THAT! That is my dinner not

Amanda came in the room to see what was going on. She couldn't help
but laugh at her husband sprawled out on the floor. "Amanda, are you
just going to stand there and laugh at me or are you going to help me
out here."

Amanda controlled her laughing. "I think you are handling it pretty
well on your own." She left the room and went upstairs to get a bath.
Laughing all the way up.
Chapter 11 - The Kris by Friday Challenge
"Stop! Don't touch that!"

The urgently voiced words stopped Amanda cold.
Her hand had frozen in place.

"What's wrong?"

Lee took a few swallows and attempted to clear his throat before he
said anything else.

He was only partly sucessful, his voice still gravelly and rough as
he explained his exclamation from moments before.

"If you touch . . . what you were going to touch so soon after your
gonna make my eyes roll back into my head, again."

Amanda breathed a sigh of relief, she was afraid for a moment there
that something was wrong.

She tried to hide the snort but he heard it before she could help it.

"What? Is there something funny you want to let me in on my dear?"

Amanda laughed, freely this time as Lee's fingers found her ticklish
spot just under her ribs.

She squirmed then rolled away a short distance, just out of reach of
the deliciously naked man she was sharing the bed with.

"I was just remembering some of the water cooler gossip I've heard
over the years. The great Scarecrow's libido is pretty legendary you

This time it was Lee's turn to snort.

"Yeah well, this is just different that's all."

Amanda lowered her eyes to avoid his hazel gaze. She knew it had
been a longtime since she had been intimate with anyone and she had
tried not to be intimidated by Lee's expansive past in that area but
she had thought that their first time together had been magical. Did
he not feel the same way? What had he meant by *different*?"

Lee watched her gaze lower. He didn't need to see her eyes to begin
to guess at the thoughts currently running through her head.

"Hey." His long fingers tenderly ran along the underside of her jaw
before gently lifting her face up to meet his eyes.

"I meant that non-stop sex with no rest periods in between was fine


"Yeah." Lee smiled at her momentary confusion.

"The great Scarecrow might have been the energiser bunny but this
time is different.

"Scarecrow can go all night but Lee Stetson, in love? Well, lets
just say that he's found that lovemaking can be alot more intense
than just sex."

His words were rewarded with a smile.

She liked the sounds of that, lovemaking with Lee Stetson just blew
all her fantasies about sex with The Scarecrow out of the water.

The End
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