Reviews For A Lack of Cover
Reviewer: Stevie Signed
Date: 30/06/17 - 03:19 am Title: Chapter 13

I really like this "first time" story.  It was sweet and tender, and an interesting read.  Thank you!

Reviewer: Emily Signed
Date: 16/02/16 - 08:56 pm Title: Chapter 13

Lack of cover indeed! Nice to see a bit of Leatherneck in a story! He seemed nice in the serie but wasn't seen enough! Hot scenes between Lee and Amanda whether in the studio or later on. Great story!

Author's Response:


Thank you so much for reading my stories and leaving a review.  I'd almost forgotten about the Archive (and the stories, I'd written as well!) 

Reviewer: musicbrain Signed
Date: 15/06/10 - 05:37 pm Title: Chapter 13

Whew!  I have lots to say...

First, I love the case you've set up.  It's a little different from other things I've seen, and it's extremely interesting.  (I'll admit, I also like the idea of Amanda having to take pictures of Lee and Leatherneck, and Lee having to control himself when Amanda tells him to strip!  Remember..."Take off your belt!  Don't make me ask you again - Take your belt off!")

I really like the way you've portrayed Amanda's marriage to Joe.  It always seemed to me that there had to be something more to the breakup than Joe putting his career first.  Great details on how Joe's strengths as a lawyer are his weaknesses as a husband.

I also love the way you've built up the sexual tension.  Very plausible (and thoroughly enjoyable to spectate!)  I just hope none of Leatherneck's bugs were around for some of those photo shoots!

And your treatment of the final chapter was amazing.  Exactly how I picture these two - it's not the kind of dirty smut I see sometimes, but you've created something extremely sensual and real between them that fits their personalities and the character of their relationship with each other.

And the tag - I was wondering what would happen to those pictures!  (Worst-case scenario that flew through my mind was that they'd end up getting published, and then everyone Lee knows - or, God forbid, Dotty! - would end up seeing him covered with nothing but a champagne bottle!  I'm glad you didn't go that route!)

Extremely well-written.  It's good to see something new and exciting!

Reviewer: mitana Signed
Date: 28/03/09 - 11:54 pm Title: Chapter 13

I loved it!  Everyone was very much in character and it was a great storyline.  Very believable relationship problems between Amanda and Joe, and Lee was so sweet and understanding!  I'd like to see the continuation of this.

Reviewer: BrittanyLS Signed
Date: 28/03/09 - 09:36 pm Title: Chapter 13

Very hot and sweet all at the same time!!

 Reading what Joe did to Amanda made me want to strangle him! I'd love to see Lee's reaction someday!!

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