Reviewer: JanG Signed
Date: 31/12/12 - 11:20 am Title: The Ransom of Lois Ann

That was absolutely delightful.  Thank you for posting it on the Wicky Archive.

I love it when fanfic writers take the well loved characters and put a completely new spin on them.  By writing about Amanda as a child that's exactly what you've done.

I look forward to you posting more SMK stories.


Reviewer: Jennifer Cannon Signed
Date: 17/10/12 - 07:30 pm Title: The Ransom of Lois Ann

Fantastic story--I love reading about Amanda when she was young--this story made me smile :)  Thank you so much for posting this :) 



Author's Response:

Thank you, Jennifer!  I was very hesitant about posting my first story here.  Not sure if people would like it or not.  Not really any romance in it, so I had no idea if it would appeal to anyone or not.

Thanks for your comment.... you have given me courage!


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