Scarecrow and Mrs. King [768] Amanda King and Lee Stetson are at it again! Stories of spies!
Rookies [0] Before Kate was a suburban spy, she was a cop's wife!
LOST [0] Where are we?
Law & Order [0] Detectives and Judges and Lawyers, Oh MY!
Babylon 5 [53] Politics on a space station!
Dark Shadows [0] Vampires? In soap operas? Count me in!
Chuck [1] If you loved SMK, you should watch this show. But for now just read a few of the stories!
Other Fandoms [11] Other Fandoms that we write for
Heroes [0] Do you ever get the feeling you could be something special?
MoonLight [0] Need a Mick fix, this is the place to find it!
Stargate [2] The portal to great stories of distant lands!
Original Stories [10] These are not fanfic, they are worlds created completely by the author!
Charlie's Angels [2] Hot women, fast cars and a new case every episode!
Stephanie Plum [21] Stories full of danger, laughter, excitement and sexy men!
Other Results: 2 Series
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